How To Achieve Top Search Engine Rankings with Online Video Marketing

Are you interested in your local business reaching the first pages of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and all of the other heavy hitters in the search engine game? Can you imagine the influx of customers that this would produce; the increase in leads and sales? Well, you no longer have to imagine–this can be your reality. The secret to search engine domination, for local searches, is web video marketing.

Internet users adore web video, and, as a result, so do all of the major search engines. If you have any doubt about this statement consider that the #2 most popular search engine across the planet, just behind Google itself, is YouTube: that should get the gears turning. But wait, it gets even better: according to statistics gathered by Forrester Research, video has a 53 times higher chance of landing on the first page of Google than a standard webpage. Yes, you read that correctly.

What does this mean for your local business? It means an opportunity to finally rank at the top of the search engines; getting you massive exposure, and a leg up on your competition. How many of your competitors are actually employing video as part of their marketing arsenal? The likely answer is very few if any, as local business have been a bit slow to board the online video bandwagon. Again, the upshot of this is a golden opportunity to stand apart from, and ahead of, those competitors. If your competitors have had videos produced, have those videos been optimized to show up on the search engines? Probably not, as most business in this camp generally post the video on their website, then on Youtube, and call it a day. If, by some wild twist of fate, your competitors have had a video produced and optimized, then you better get in the game, as you are the player being left at the back of the pack.

Whatever the circumstances, we can help.

We at Motion Source, a premier video production and distribution studio out of Chicago, have created a new product, the sole aim of which is to generate more exposure for small and medium sized businesses. This product has been dubbed ProMotion (cute, right?) and consists of a video production showcasing your business, and then optimization of that video to show up on the search engines under the keywords by which you want to be found.

Here is what is included with every ProMotion package:

– Consultation with one of our video specialists.

– A Professionally produced HD video showcasing your business.

– Full ownership of the video, so that you may use it wherever you like (e.g. your website,
Facebook page, blog, etc.

– Targeted distribution of your video to a variety of sites across the internet, under the top 10-12
specific keywords that your customers are searching for.

– No hidden costs. No hosting fees. No monthly fees.

Very simply, ProMotion offers you the promotional boost that is required to take your business to the next level of internet marketing. So what are you waiting for? Please visit us at for further details, and lets start transforming your dreams of top search engine rankings into your reality.

H. Craig Bass is a Web Video Marketing and Video Production specialist from the Chicago Area. He came to his calling via a rather unconventional path, having started out with a mere pocket full of dreams and a backpack full of ambition, working on independent documentary films.

After teaming up with the marketing visionary behind the marketing communications boutique Digital Studio (, John Scaletta, the two began to reshape the internet video marketing landscape.

Craig is the co-founder of Motion Source, a premier video production studio in the suburbs of Chicago, as well as the co-author of the upcoming guide to web video marketing, Videocracy.

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