I sincerely wish that you came across this article prior to making a serious mistake of joining scam sites or paying for worthless products that got you fooled. There are numerous scams in the Internet that you should be aware of. A lot of scammers target beginners who are looking to earn easy money.

When a “job” proposal or a product is offered to you, and it sounds too good to be true, then you have to consider that it probably is. There are a lot of scammers online because there are also people who are willing to risk and take their credit card out, and that is acceptable since these products promises to offer an “easy way”, and they look and sound so convincing! They lure you with income proofs of hundreds and thousands of dollars, doing hardly anything. Don’t be taken away with your get-rich quick emotions. The assurance of “instant cash” are what they use to play inside your head. There is no “easy way” to get to your goals.

Type at Home, Data Entry and Surveys – These are the most effective scammers online. A lot of beginners fall for this. Why not? Well, do you honestly think it’s possible that someone will pay you at least $ 20 to fill out forms or surveys that you can do in five minutes? They sound impossible because they are. If you are looking for legitimate data entry or typing jobs, there is none.

Email Blasts -They can boost your email marketing campaign by sending emails of your products and offers to 2.9 million subscribers. Wow, that is very tempting, isn’t it? They also charge you pretty low too, but the truth is that you are not going to save a single penny using their system. Plus, you can also get into trouble with this one, so be careful. If you don’t trust anything that might be illegal, then it’s better to just build your own list. You get better results too!

Guaranteed Google’s Front Page – Paying to get on Google’s page one is just not going to work. It looks really amazing, but do you know how it works? You are not allowed to pick your keywords, which means that they have full control. Having no control over your own pages doesn’t seem very encouraging. Long-tail keywords are used to optimize your page. So if you are selling shiny red shoes, they optimize your page with keyword such as “buy shiny red shoes cheap”, which is definitely not showing on the first page. There is a very small chance that people will search that phrase in Google. Use the right ways to rank well in search engines. Try to learn and apply SEO techniques yourself, and you might be surprised that you can do better than to pay for it!

Instant Website Packages – There are a lot of beginners who do not know how to make a simple site. That’s okay, that won’t be a problem since there are a lot of ways to learn how to build a website, even if you don’t have any prior knowledge about it. You can use resources in the Internet, learn the basics from a friend who knows how, or you can even teach yourself. The point is, to be successful online, you need to learn how to build a website, learn the basics. These packages may not be scam, that’s rather severe, but somehow it’s a waste of money.

Free Hosting – This is not also scam, but again, it’s not a very great idea. All websites that are acquired for free have certain limitations in them. How do you want to be restricted from being creative in your own website? Yes, they’re limited because they are free, and they also have the privilege of putting their ads on your webpage! That’s pretty bad. If you are at all committed to your online business, spend a few dollars to get yourself a website. Your website is your source of sales; customers would be very reluctant in buying from someone who has a free page.

Link Farming – It is terribly wrong to use this! Thousands of incoming links to your websites is good, but not this way. If Google analyzes this, they will treat you like a spammer and even ban your website for good! Stay away from this.

Free Classified Sites – This too is not a scam, but it can really waste a lot of your time, and time is not to be wasted if you want to succeed online. I know a lot a lot of people who use this method to “boost” their sales, but to no avail. They just wasted several weeks posting in free classified sites. Who would even look into free classifieds when shopping for a product? If they had spent those times doing real marketing, they would have made some progress.

Steve Weber is a certified teacher from Oklahoma who left his education career in 2007 as his online businesses grew. He now spends his time consulting with and teaching new Internet marketers how to succeed online. His website, Steve’s Classroom, contains a wide variety of videos and tutorials for building a successful Internet business.

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