As soon as you pass your degree course or you are about to pass out of your college, you will have to search for a job related to your education. Before applying to any employer you need to have a resume written that details all your educational qualification. Being your first time you need to seek help from the person who would give you the best suggestion. However, as different people are from different educational background, it would be a hard task to get a helpful advice. In such case you can refer a website. A resume website will guide you to write your C.V in the best possible way.

A good resume website should have its information such a way that it helps readers from wide range of academic qualification. A website should have a logo that can be an abbreviation of the name of the site. This will help to increase the brand image of the web site. It is easier to remember the abbreviations for human beings than the full names of anything. So, an abbreviated logo will help in promotion of the site.

Next are the categories. There should be a list of categories for which links should be provided on the sides of the page. These links will help the reader to get instant5 access to a particular section. Categories also make it simple for the user to go the information they are seeking for rather than hopping here and there in the site in search of the relevant information. The categories can be made according to the fields of education like engineering, medical, Management, computers etc. With the help of these categories reader will first enter the section and then can easily search through the sub categories.

In the sub categories you will have to include the categories like specializations. For example if the person is a management graduate, the sub categories can be like marketing, sales, finance etc. according to their specialization. After that you need to provide the reader with the resume that they are in need of.

You need to follow these steps in a sequence to make it easier for the reader to search for their query. There can be two types of C.V. First one will be for a fresher and the second one will be for experienced person. Both these should be different from each other. The reader can choose the format according to their current job status. A resume website should also contain some basic information regarding that particular website. You need to help the reader in mentioning right key skill for a particular job. A resume website can be of great help to the reader so that they can generate an attractive curriculum vitae.

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