Reservation system for Indian Railways is now entirely automated. Making a train reservation is no more a complicated and time consuming process. Reservations can be made at almost all railway stations by just spending a little amount of one’s time. Most routes require reservations to be done several weeks or even months beforehand. Here are the steps for Online Reservation.

• The name and number of the desired train to be travelled can be known by going to Indian Railway Passenger Reservation Inquiry website. You will find an on-line Indian Railways Trains at a Glance Timetable as an assistance tool.
• The next step is to give the details of the station, the class of accommodation viz second class, sleeper class etc., and the journey date.
• Now select the desired train and class to travel by along with the number of beds available. The route and train fare can also be checked out.
• In case of non-availability of beds on your train, RAC (Reservation Against Cancellation) is shown. On booking a ticket in this case, you can avail a seat but not a bed unless there are cancellations.
• Next note the name and number of the train you have found to travel on. 
•  For on-line booking, register in the IRCTC Online Passenger Reservation Site. Fill in the necessary details and select electronic ticket. Find your train and you can Book Ticket.
• If you are ok with the details shown, make your payment with the bank of choice to process your payment. On completion of the processing, your booking will be confirmed. You will have to carry its print with you.
• All bookings made both over the counter and on line, are assigned a 10 digit PNR number.
• Cancellations usually take place particularly in the 24 hours up to departure.

These simple steps can be followed for online Reservation and for a comfortable and safe journey.

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