Like many of us, especially in this day and age, I have tried my hand at several money making schemes found on the internet and probably in a similar fashion have ended up spending my hard earned money on worthless ideas, which “hook” you in with promises of a wealthy lifestyle with little work involved, and little or no experience needed.

My “piece de resistance” was an affiliate marketing scheme which sold me a series of “manuals” over a period of time and provided freebies such as a stock of DVDs. These films whose subjects were on “self-improvement” are still sitting in a box in my garage. Part of the marketing was to purchase advertising space in newspapers and magazines and advertise my website with an attention grabbing headline. The manuals read,”At little cost of the adverts, you can place an ad on Friday and have it paid for by Tuesday of the following week with the revenue from your sales”….Er…No!! I ended up spending a fortune on adverts,which netted me very few sales indeed over the following months. Advertising regularly in publications is an expensive business, whether you are making sales or not, I learned.

I therefore decided to perform as much research as I could with my limited internet knowledge in order to find one legitimate method of increasing my income online. Once again I tried a number of them, but most failed miserably in a similar fashion to that described above, apart from a couple I found on a website I clicked on, almost by accident.

Once again Easy Home Job is a marketing scheme but this time with a difference! The author has, like me, looked for authentic schemes which are not scams, so I found his website a refreshing change !

This method of making money is simple. You receive envelopes which have to be filled with circulars and posted. Each envelope you receive $ 5 and you get a commission for every sale which is generated from any of your postings. There is obviously some work to do with the envelopes, but when I started to put away those $ 5 bills and counted them at the end of the month I was very pleasantly surprised. In my first month, while still performing a day job (which I hate with a vengeance) I made just over $ 1,800.00

Another idea I tried from the same website was Quick Paid Surveys. This one is completely legitimate and I started making a few dollars per survey within hours !…Basically, you get paid for completing surveys online about such things as retail outlets, utilities, media, travel, dining out etc. etc.

Now I run the Easy Home Job scheme and the Surveys simultaneously along with my day job, which I plan to quit in a few weeks. I have so far, managed to accumulate sufficient income from evening and weekend working to meet my basic overheads and just require a little more to start making me feel totally comfortable. Once I have quit the day job I intend spending more time online throughout the days, thus increasing the volume of work and revenue from the online businesses. Of course, I’ll not have a boss forcing on me impossible sales targets and bullying me into getting fired if I don’t achieve them. I’ll also get up in the morning when I want and have no travel to and from work,apart bedroom to my home office, i.e. loads more time to spend with the family and friends.

I haven’t tried the “Forex Enterprise” scheme yet, but based on the results of the other two, I have no reason to doubt that this works too !!

Have a look at the site and make your own mind up…it’s

Article submitted by Steve Britain..Steve is 48 years old, divorced with an adult son at University he is a Reiki Master, Indian Head Massage practitioner and Hopi Ear Candling specialist. Steve has a keen business mind and a zest for life.