Children are fed up with lot of homework .They are very much essential in building a child’s carrier. Child alone cannot of the homework as such they need help from elders to do the homework. Most of the children get help from the parents, some get help from the tutors. Now a days since both parents are employed they don’t get time to assist the child. As such they employ tutors to assist the child. Child has lot of respect for the tutor; the tutor should not create fear in child’s mind.

Internets are also helpful to do homework for a long time. Homework was considered as a burden but now a day’s homework is very much essential for a child.

Homework should not follow a ditto of what has been taught in the class. Since man learns more form his or her parents, parents should stand as an example to child.

Similar to homework assignments also play a major role in child’s career the difference between homework and assignments is assignments are fed up regularity as such child needs more help to do assignments .Assignments can be in the form of multiple choice questions, simple fill up the blanks and quote memories.

Here again a child needs help from parents or tutors since teachers play a major role in a child’s career .Tutor’s are best fit for doing assignments. Assignments should be given regularity otherwise the child looses contact with the studies thus assignments are very much essential in a child’s career.

For grown up children assignments are very much essential because they are in a playful mood. Weekly assignments help child to understand the lessons more clearly.

In schools and colleges they will give homework .The class education itself is not sufficient for a man .In class a student learns with other children as such he gets less feed back. In home a child does homework in alone as such it gets more freedom to think extra reading is also essential in a child’s education ,career for example reading more books and articles child improves it’s knowledge.

A good surrounding is necessary to do the homework for example broad rooms ,powerful lights are very much essential for doing homework. The best time to do homework is morning .Heavy load of homework is a punishment for a child.

While doing homework child acquires more knowledge this is very much essential in a child’s career .Assignments and homework make a man to think individually.



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