One24 is legitimate and it’s BIG TIME. Thousands of people have already joined and thousands more are searching for a way to join. That’s right,many people are trying to join but finding that they cannot just pay money and enter the company, because One-24 has requirements. First before anyone is allowed to join One24, they must get on a member’s WAITING LIST. Once on the waiting list, the only thing that is preventing them from joining….is time. In other words, they have to wait.

Okay, so what are they waiting for? Well, here is how it works. Everyone who joins ONE24 is given a GREEN TICKET to pass out to anyone who wants to join the company, but the key to success, is the fact that each member can only give out ONE green ticket per month. Over a period of 2 years, every member will have been issued 24 Green Tickets, so what makes this company so special is the simple plan of finding only one new member per month.

Although members can only give out one Green Ticket per month, it is still possible to earn $ 100,000 in less than 18 months, by just giving out 3 tickets to 3 new members. This is a factor of the remarkable linear matrix plan which owner, Mark Seyforth, has developed. Of course, anyone who gives out all 24 tickets over two years, could earn far more money than the $ 100,000 per month.

One of the best things about ONE 24 is the simple network marketing plan using company business cards. Each card is actually worth far more than a normal business card because only one person is allowed a Green Ticket per month, so even if someone hands out 100 cards and gets 100 people on the waiting list every month, only ONE SINGLE PERSON is entitled to that ticket. One24 has a unique compensation, training, and marketing plan and thousands of individuals have already discovered that ONE24 is legitimate and it’s Big Time.

When you’re ready to get on track to earn $ 100,000 in 18 months, you’ll have to take that first step. You’re going to have to get on the waiting list. So do your research and due diligence, ask around, and study the opportunity, but in the end it will be obvious that One24 is legitimate, and well worth the wait.

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