Business of any kind is not easy. It can be especially tough to find ways to get attention and make money as an artist. Many people with artistic leaning become graphic artists. This is a good avenue of work especially if you manage to hook up with a good company. Working independently can be tough though and it is also very creatively limiting. One of the simpler ways to work as an artist is by using your designs to sell t-shirts online.

The popularity of artist created t-shirt designs are becoming very popular. Many new websites are always on the lookout for new designer talent to showcase on their sites. Your working environment is totally your own creation because you can work at home using your computer to commute back and forth to work without the hassles associated with the blacktop and tires commute. Using the digital technology to capture the essence of your work over the years to be submitted for consideration is a good place to start this new employment adventure.

It is much easier to find employers using the internet to find accepting companies in a worldwide market place, than beating the pavement or road time and not ever come in contact with anyone who really appreciates your talents. These websites can test your design by simple posting an image and letting anyone vote and comment on it. If you win, your design will get printed. All feedback is also valuable as a training and honing tool for your skills.

Of course there is also the added benefit of actually making some money when you have your original images imprinted onto t-shirts. Now you could think that anyone can build a simple website and then sell their own t-shirt designs. You do all the work and keep all the profits that way. You must also consider the work involved as well as how you will get the needed traffic to your site. That is one smart reason for going with an established website. They are popular and have plenty of followers. Followers generate even more interest as well as do plenty of shopping themselves.

Many of these established websites are commission based, meaning that the artist gets a pre-determined negotiated amount per t-shirt sold. It is not unusual for many of the artists to have and enjoy other printing talents, such as being screen printers and they really enjoy the hands on process. Other however, are quite content on the painting, drawing or computer graphics process only and nothing to do with the inking of any designs and the routine process. Trying to get your work in front of the buyers is usually best achieved by using an established website, especially for new artists. The whole process starts with an inspiration that takes the form of a drawing or painting, that gets inked and finally printed as the final process before it is bought and worn.

Artists create the most incredible T shirts with their original designs. They do have a part in making the most incredible Mens tee shirts.

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