A newly released eBook, The Almanac of Fundraising Ideas, is focused on increasing donations for non-profits, schools and religious organizations. According to Joe DiDonato, the books author, the non-profit sector is still experiencing widespread declines in contributions.

Paradoxically, while a majority of the organizations are still reporting lower contributions, most are experiencing more demand for their services. Quoting a November study on fundraising, Mr. DiDonato stated that decreases in charitable contributions proved to be the norm for charities in the Health, Public-Society Benefit, and Religion subsectors. These affected organizations reported that they were coping with the situation by implementing cut-backs in program services, operating hours, salaries, and personnel.

Mr. DiDonato recounted similar woes at the two charities where he had served as a board member. The initial reaction for a Board is to cut-back sharply on programs and people. But that mindset assumes a limited number of ways to raise money for an organization. He pointed out that his new book shows struggling charities that there are many ways to compensate for their dwindling contributions.

DiDonato recounted a recent situation at one of the two charities for which he served as a Board member. They asked me to chair and facilitate a budget shortfall subcommittee. In trying to think out-of-the-box, I put together a list of 200 fundraising ideas that I had come across over the years, and sent that list to the 8 committee members before the planning meeting. To everyones pleasant surprise, we ended up developing 8 new ideas and strategies that could raise money in the next two quarters – without overloading our staff and volunteers. Mr. DiDonato hopes that other fundraising committees will see similar results when they read through his new eBook.

Included in this 350-page fundraising almanac are How it Works and Ideas to Consider sections for each of the fundraisers, as well as 88 links to YouTube videos showing successful events in operation, like a Bowl-a-Thon that raised over $ 90,000; to one moms efforts to raise money for her daughters Autism treatments by getting 99 women to help her put together a naked cheesecake calendar. The book also contains examples and illustrations, website links, supplier links, as well as links to turnkey providers who will put on an entire event for a non-profit, like a Rubber Duck Race or a Casino Night.

For more information about this eBook and an immediate download, visit www.FundraisingAlmanac.com. Holiday gift certificates are also available for immediate download.

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The Almanac of Fundraising Ideas

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