We would all like to get more business and close more of those big deals. Getting out and networking is a great way to initiate the process. You go to a networking event, talk to a room full of potential clients or individuals who could lead you to potential clients. You already know who your ideal customer is and how well your product or service can help them. Many have it in their minds that if they could just meet more of the right people, they could close more sales and get more business.

While this may all be true, don’t make the mistake of trying to close the deal RIGHT NOW! This simply means, get out to as many good networking events as necessary, but when meeting your contacts focus on setting up the groundwork for building relationships.

Many times I’ve been to networking events and I must mention that too many people try to turbo charge the process of closing the deal. No one wants to admit it because of the time frame involved, but there is a process that occurs prior to closing or attaining new business.

Just envision what took place when your current friendships were cultivated. There was a definite point in which you first met, followed by the discovery of commonality, a period of bonding or increased trust, and last but certainly not least, the continuance of enjoyable fellowship between you.

Whether you’re just starting out networking, or have some experience, consider the big picture and the natural progression of basic relationships when chatting with someone for the first time.

Of course you’ll be looking at the person’s business type and contemplating ways you can help each other, but credibility is key in order to do business. Only in rare cases can you accomplish the “Turbo Charged Close”, if ever.

Have a conversation, ask questions, and build rapport while gathering information. Put your ears to work and never forget that a smile partnered with genuine interest can firm up a future meeting. Just keep in touch and learn more about them.

Soon rapport turns to trust and trust info friendship. This can lead to sales and even referrals. This may seem like a long process but there is no substitute. One night stands produce poor results for long term relationships in personal lives and business affairs are no different. In other words, put the time in and create solid professional allies.

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