You may be someone trying to install a wireless network for your home or someone trying to start a networking firm. Either way you need to know about computer networks. Networking is how computers stay connected to the internet. Not only that but how the computer stays connected to other computers.

Having some knowledge in computer networking is common. If you know how to connect yourself to the internet you have some computer networking knowledge. There are more things to learn other than how to connect to the internet though. You want to be able to connect to the internet and share files with other computers. This is how information is shared. You share information with other via email, social network, or instant message every day. This also is computer networking.

To learn how to actually set up your own network, you need to take networking courses. There are free networking courses given by some off the top colleges in the country. Massachusetts Institute of Technology is one of these schools. Being one of the best schools in the country, taking networking courses from MIT can expand your knowledge of networks. To take the course online is free, thanks to Open Courseware. You will get all of the texts, notes, assignments, figures, and other course materials free and will be able to complete assignments and grade them yourself.

You can even take exams to test yourself on the material. You won’t be able to keep in communication with the professors like you would if you were going to the school, although you should be reassured that the knowledge you are receiving is top notch. Don’t forget you are taking networking courses from one of the best colleges in the United States, and also one of the hardest to get into. You don’t have to pay for the course so you will not receive a certification, but because you are taking the time to still take the networking courses you will be able to gain the best knowledge of computer networking.

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