A Token Ring Network may be defined as local area network (LAN) protocol for the data link layer (DLL) of the OSI model. The specific three byte frame which circulates around the ring is known as Token. The Token possession grants permission to the possessor to channelize through the medium. Some of the common networking issues related to Token Ring networks are discussed below.

Token Ring Problems

Several users have reported various problems related to Token Ring Networks. In this segment, we discuss some of these issues, and their possible solutions.

Token Ring Management Module Problem– A old Token Ring Management Module has been replaced with a new one. But the polling process fails to execute, between the new TRMM and other applications like Windows SPECTRUM Element  Management or SPECTRUM which uses the IP address of the previous TRMM. Due to this, the ARP cache tables are associating the IP address with the MAC address of the old TRMM.

In such a scenario, you can either choose to specify a new IP address for the TRMM, or you can also choose to continue with same IP address of the old TRMM. If the polling process still fails to execute, then all the ARP cache tables need to be cleared.

Line Errors– This is a pretty common problem in Token Ring Networks, that a non stop stream of line errors is encountered over the network. In this case, first of all you need to find out the defective one between the DNI card and the cable. The station which is procuring line errors can be identified by implementing SPEL. If it is identified, then the problem is probably with the cabling between the stations.

Eagle Insertion Error– Another known problem faced by most users is the Eagle Insertion error on Standalone Management device. This indicates that the management device was trying to get into the ring, but was not able to do so due to technical issues. The obvious solution to this kind of a problem would be to reset the management device.

Network Support- Its Significance

If the above issues related to Token Ring Network, are still not resolved, you need to avail network support service for your machine. Even though Token Ring Network problems are pretty common in the world of networking, but it is not so common among common end users. The solutions offered above may be conclusive, but you still need to possess some amount of technical knowledge in order to implement the same. And in case you are a non technical user, it is advisable that you get in touch with a tech support service provider and avail their network support package to resolve these issues related to Token Ring Networks.

In case you are not acquainted with the term tech support, it is a maintenance plan meant for the care and upkeep of your PCs and Laptops. And in case you look to boost your machine with the nourishment of network support, it is more convenient for you to avail remote tech support, ahead of conventional onsite support. It not only saves time, but also money.

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