Have you been wanting to check out some network marketing magazines, but you have no idea which ones are worthwhile and which ones aren’t worth your time?  Network marketing magazines can be very useful whether you are looking for  opportunities or a place to advertise, for a few different reasons, which is why you want to select an appropriate one.

There are a number of good network marketing magazines, but I’ll give you a couple of examples here in this article.  In Home Business Connection (aka “HBC”), every ad showcases opportunities and home-based businesses that you can enjoy from the convenience of your home as you are preparing to embark on your home-based business career.

Another good network marketing magazine is Small Business Opportunities.  It has relatively the same type of content.  In it, you’ll find plenty of home-based business opportunities along with literally hundreds of ads. 

I am not mentioning these network marketing magazines to be a pseudo advertisement for them, but to tell you how you can use these magazines to increase the profit margin of your own business. 

As you’re thumbing through these network marketing magazines, I want you to pay very close attention to the ads themselves.  As you read them, think like a prospect.  Read them through the eyes of a prospect, and see which ones catch your eye and captivate your interest.  That way when you go to write your own ads, you will have a much better frame of reference and idea of what type of ad will get someone’s attention.

It doesn’t matter whether the ad is an editorial type ad or a small text ad, read them all.  I want you to think like a prospect in the respect of what would catch YOUR attention (and which ones would do so versus other ones). 

As you’re building your home-based business and working to build your business through advertising, you always need to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects to try and determine what will catch their interest AND what will get them to take action. 

Both of these are critical.  This is where spending time looking through a network marketing magazine or two can make a big difference in your bottom line.

You not only need to catch a prospect’s attention, but you also need to have your ad be compelling enough that it gets that same prospect to take an immediate action — whether that is picking up their phone or going to a website and inputing  their information.  An “interesting” ad that doesn’t prompt anyone to do anything more than look at it is useless to you.  So the way to use these network marketing magazines is to do your own version of “market research.”

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