With the improvement of living standard and network penetration, security monitoring concept is gaining in popularity, especially in recent years, development of information technology and the improvement of people’s living environment, promote people’s awareness of family safety precaution unprecedented strengthening. Home network video surveillance, with the technology and IP networks to provide seamless compatibility and the ability of remote real-time video processing and other web applications in recent years, the growth rate of 40% fast becoming a bright spot in the field of video surveillance, and its market prospects not be underestimated.

Benefited from the rapid economic development, people increasingly rapid pace of life, care and understanding of family situations will be less and less time. However, the rapid development of modern technology, are making long-range care of children, household pets, such as family situation, real-time monitoring possible. People can work or travel in the peak, while the remote understanding of their family backgrounds, and according to an analysis of the situation and determine in a timely manner. In this case, the family Application Monitoring Network Camera is particularly urgent.

Prospect of home monitoring network camera application

You envisaged, spare, or when away from home, you can always turn on the home computer or mobile phone view real-time images, and their family members face to face communication, understanding the family situation, long-range care of their families; When the thieves take advantage of no one to steal home automatically when the signal can be transmitted to district control center in time, while the mobile short message, email or telephone to notify residents. All through the home video surveillance system can be easily achieved.

Early as 2004, total output value of the video surveillance industry application market had reached 15.1 billion yuan, compared with 12.3 billion yuan in 2003, an increase of nearly 23% and 20% annual rate of growing. Analyst research shows that with the accelerating pace of life, home users need for security is growing, for home monitoring, security requirements have become increasingly mature. As the video surveillance system in the protection of security, crime prevention can not be underestimated role play, individual users will increase demand for home security monitoring system for residential led development. From the general consumer demand for video surveillance home video surveillance applications are becoming an emerging market, and is expected in the coming years show significant growth.

1, strong domestic demand for home monitoring market

With the rapid development of information technology family, home security needs of users increasingly strong performance of the network camera will maintain rapid development. 3G video surveillance are based on testing and test business, home video surveillance as a large flow of data and signal dependence on the Internet, families in need to deploy home gateways and video cameras, making difficult the development and promotion. Video monitoring is currently used in industries closely related to communities and families, for home monitoring applications is still relatively small. In the Safe City, the policy of peace under the guidance of family, home network environment, improving the user ability to raise spending, increase security awareness, increase stand-alone residential households, the domestic home monitoring will begin to rise.

As people living conditions improve, the domestic market for civil security monitoring system needs to become strong. In response to market demand, the original application to industry-based network video surveillance equipment from the appearance, function, application and prices keep close to the family market, consumer demand, a large number of network video monitoring equipment as represented by the influx of home video surveillance products began to civilian market, with strong technology, stylish designs and cost-effective, imperceptibly changing national security situation for civilian market. Domestic prices for terminal equipment increasingly civilian-based, have been reflected in the 2008 Alexander Forbes was accompanied by a decline in prices of end products as well as operators continue to push the individual market, users will be more spontaneous, proactive use of family video surveillance business.

2,3 G home monitoring market run-up times

Broadband-based home monitoring the development of business, although you can transfer the video, but must sign the Internet real-time live view surveillance images, the simplicity and flexibility of operation is not enough.

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