On January 16, China’s Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for- National Defense announced in Beijing  the top 10 news of the year in science, technology and industry for national defense, headed by the success of the manned space flight. The top 10 news stories are:


1.Complete success of the first manned flight of Shenzhou V spacecraft


At 9 am, October 15, 2003, the Long March 2 F rocket sent the Shenzhou V manned spacecraft and China’s first astronaut Yang Liwei into the space at Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center. At 6j23 am, October 16, the spacecraft successfully landed in central Inaer Mongolia and the astronaut returned safe and sound. This is China’s first manned spaceflight, marking a historic breakthrough in China’s manned space project.


2.Completion and operation of the first Sino-foreign commercial heavy water nuclear power plant 112 days’ahead of schedule


On July 24, the second generating unit of the third phase of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant went into commercial power generation, creating a world record of the shortest period in the construction of a heavy water nuclear power plant. The third phase of the Qinshan Nuclear Power Plant is China’s first commercial heavy water nuclear power station, which is so far the largest Sino-Canadian cooperative project.


3.Successful maiden flight of the new fighter Xiaolong and the advanced fighter-pilot trainer Shanying


On August 25, a China-developed new fighter Xiaolong successfully launched its first flight in Chengdu; on December 13, China-made advanced fighter-pilot trainer Shanying made its successful maiden flight in Guizhou Province.


4.Successful listing of AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited in Hong Kong


On October 30, AviChina Industry & Technology Company Limited officially went public on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong raising over 2 billion HK dollars. This is China’s first large military industrial group to have completed corporate renovation and successfully got listed overseas. It has significant and profound influence on the reform of state-owned enterprises, especially on the reform of the science, technology and industry for national defense.


5.Construction of the world’s largest shipyard Changxing Shipbuilding Base kicking off in Shanghai

On December 28, the Changxing Shipbuilding Base, the world’s largest shipyard, started its construction, which marks China’s substantial stride toward the goal of a shipbuilding power in the world.


6.Successful test launch of China’s solid-fuel carrier rocket Pioneer I


On September 16, China’s first four-stage solid-fuel carrier rocket Pioneer f successfully launched a trial flight in Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center. This indicates that China has become the third country in the world capable of swiftly sending satellites into space.


7.First batch of Beifang-Benz vehicles furnishing the UN peace-keeping forces


On November 30, the first batch of 25 heavy-duty vehicles made by Beefing Benz were dispatched to the transportation branch of the UN peace-keeping forces. This is the first time China set up a transportation team to participate in the international peace-keeping mission, which is of great strategic significance.


8.First car produced by the joint venture between Chang’an Automobile (Group)


Corporation and the US Ford Motor Co. rolling off production line On January 18, the first “Fiesta” made by the joint venture between Chang’an Automobile (Group) Corporation and the US-based Ford Motor Co. & China foiled off production line. On October 17, Bill Ford, President and CEO of Sord, announced in Beijing that Ford would increase an investment of US$ 1 billion in China to expand cooperation with Chang’an.


9.Employment rate of graduates from seven universities affiliated with China’s outsourcing


10.destination of foreign capital cross-shareholding marketing channel burgeoning industry credit-based consumption marketing management discounter rectify and regulate the economic order of the market the bellwether for the Chinese economy asset reorganization.


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