China LCD panel Industry will usher in a new force. 26, Nanjing, China, the official ground-breaking LCD Valley, China

Electronic Information Industry Group and Sharp Co., Ltd. joint venture of the sixth-generation LCD panel project also started mass production in 2011, monthly output will reach to vote 80,000 glass substrates.

Our long-term high-generation liquid crystal display industry facing a “shortage of core small screen” of the situation, and the rapid growth of consumption is extremely inconsistent, also restricts

TV Industrial transformation and upgrading. It is predicted that by 2013, global LCD TV sales will reach 200 million units, of which sales in China will account for a quarter of the world.

In strong stimulation of market demand, Beijing, Shanghai, Anhui,

Guangdong Other provinces are in the Magao Shi-generation LCD production line. As the first electronic industrial base of China, China currently has the highest concentration of the current display industry, the largest LCD module production zone, Nanjing naturally not far behind.

Nanjing LCD Valley planning area 17.3 square kilometers, development and construction in two phases, currently under construction is a project with a total area of 7 square kilometers. Plans to use 3-5 years to achieve 30 million of the above specifications

LCD screen , TV, monitor production capacity of 10 million units. This is the LCD panel Variety Series, supporting industry clusters, technology into high-end technology, integration of the most prominent research and innovation, investment in liquid crystal display industry, the largest tour of development projects.

To introduce six-generation line and eight on behalf of the line as an opportunity to build in China and the world’s largest photovoltaic flat panel display production base, which is acting mayor Ji Jianye, Nanjing, Nanjing LCD Valley proposed development goals. R & D, production,

Sell Stop will be in Nanjing distinctive feature of liquid crystal valley. Sharp LCD with global research center headed by a group of domestic and international advantages of LCD professional R & D institutions will be admitted Park. Nanjing, China have the largest production base for LCD modules, including more than 60 types of liquid crystal display business, Nanjing will build LCD Valley’s high level of development platform. In addition,

Suning Electric will be with the strategic cooperation, the implementation of underwriting products enterprises in the zone.

“LCD Valley has the advantage of Nanjing, to integrate the common development of upstream and downstream, forming a complete LCD industry chain,” said Lai Weide, general manager of the Chinese panda. CLP Panda Electronic Information Industry Group, China’s LCD project company, Sharp will cooperate with a six-generation line. The project will introduce six generations Sharp Kameyama plant line equipment and corresponding technology, the total investment reached 13.8 billion yuan, investment and production on 80,000 glass substrates, is expected to be the fourth quarter of 2010, mass production.

The current facility can not meet the capacity needs and lower costs as the reasons for choosing Nanjing Sharp. Sharp Corporation LCD Business Division of the Minister of barrels Valley, said the new plant in Nanjing than its existing plant capacity to expand 1.5 to 2 times, contribute to the completion of the global LCD market share of 30% of target. Meanwhile, China’s low production costs and based on tariffs, exchange rates and other advantages, Sharp also can further reduce the cost of production, to achieve higher competitiveness.

Learned that Sharp and the eighth-generation LCD panel plants are also being planned, is expected to continue and CLP Panda joint venture production of the third quarter of 2011 production.

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