When something seems like a really great opportunity to make money on the web, people tend to think that it’s a scam. This isn’t just the general pessimism the world seems to have nowadays, but it’s also an effective defense mechanism people have to help themselves avoid getting scammed especially during these hard times.

This is why even MyShoppingGenie, a proven legitimate home based business opportunity has its fair share of scam rumors, only because it seems “too good to be true”. Of course, this is a sad affair, especially since people are more inclined to believe such stuff instead of dig in deeper into the truth and try to uncover whether it is something they should believe or not.

The truth of the matter is, My Shopping Genie is a real way that you can use to cash in on the web. It is a proven way that will pay you for your efforts. It does seem like something impossible with the free item and the really cheap fees, but it was actually designed that way for a reason. And that is to help more people take advantage of what the internet can offer and get through the recession easily.

What are the proofs that this is a legitimate home based business opportunity? For one, the product is accredited and recognized by eBay. No scam will go through the effort of making an actual product that works, since they’re just after some quick cash. Dwelling on developing an item that actually delivers their promises is too time-consuming, so it’s impossible for them to do that.

Another reason is the fact that it is already around for almost three years now. Scams hardly last that long since they easily get found out by thorough individuals and experts, making it impossible for the MyShoppingGenie program to be one. Add to this the fact that it has also already received a pretty good amount of positive reviews in a lot of places including online forums.

If you’re still doubtful whether MyShoppingGenie is a legitimate home based business or not, you can always conduct your own research. Just make sure to look at reputable sources, however, since there may still be a lot of malicious individuals trying to discredit this program online.

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