Everyday Ive been receiving emails in my inbox its all been about a programme called commission crusher!!

After so many emails and everyone telling me to take a look i had no choose but to have a peek – i then wanted to tell everyone my ideas and thoughts on this programme that has been creating a huge buzz in the last few weeks. so here it is after great demand – my review on commission crusher.

firstly what is commission crusher, and what can it do for me as a new to Internet marketing or master.

Commission Crusher is very simple to use, well its push button software so that anybody can duplicate. Commission crusher allows anyone to find affiliate campaigns from multi source and then take them using them for themselves, the way this works means there will always be enough for everyone to use. Using this method means huge profits!

The amazing Commission Crusher software engine that drives the product… has been called “Ad Assault”. this future of software will let you turn on a switch then find tons niche websites in any market… anything you need… and tell you everything about how to take traffic from them, Ive never used software like this, seeing this in action was very nice indeed and the way in which Steve iser explains was A**

One of my favorite parts of commission crusher was Steve himself, i love the way in which he talks you though every step and not only that he shows you on his sceen step by step. I even learned a great deal just watching the sites and methods he uses.

I must say this is a great product and Steve is a great guy, its very different to a lot of ofter programmes as he really does take you by the hand.

So Do I have to deal with Google, Yahoo, MSN or any of that? the answer is a surprise because its NO!! Commission crusher is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before and i really do believe this to be true, at least for the time being until others start to follow in his foot steeps.

Steve iser and his commission crusher has a great support team that you can email for any help at all, i was happy to get a very fast reply from support, making the whole site a huge hit with me.

Commission Crusher is awesome and yes it really does work – It’s an incredible product, and If you’ve been looking for software to make constant money online, this is your helping hand and place to start.

Grab a copy before they sell out. I will just say one more thing their is an option to upgrade, if you can i highly recommend UPGRADEING ASAP


I could rant on about my life and how i use to be a chef for hours but i will keep it short! 🙂

After 12 years as a chef in some of the UK’s best kitchens, it was time to change.

I started spending more and more time online, then started to learn the sheer power of the Internet and how easy it can be to make money online!

Don’t get me wrong i started out finding it almost impossible, so i started to learn and learn, and fond the learning is just as fun as the make money.

Now I make money online and love spending my days and sometimes night’s learning all the Internet has to offer.

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