Music is one of those things that can bind all of us together.  It moves us, reminds us of good times and can speak to us in many different ways.  Music touches our lives and as a result, many people like to be around it.  Plus, music makes the time go by faster when we have an iPod or some other MP3 player to listen to when waiting on a train, getting our wisdom teeth removed or just killing time.

No longer do we get most of our music from a CD. Gone are the days of the bulky walkman and having to listen to the radio to record our favorite song on a cassette tape or having someone make you a mixed tape for your birthday.  Of course, some people still like to burn CD’s, but with everyone now having an MP3 player, even car manufacturers have started to install USB ports and other ways to connect your player to your car’s stereo system. 

However, one of the best ways to get this music to your MP3 is through the internet.  This can be especially hard for those who either don’t have access or are limited to a very slow service such as dial up.  Trying to download a three minute song off of iTunes using only dial up is sure to take a while and maybe even an hour or so. Therefore, it is important to have a much faster speed such as DSL or even satellite internet can offer. 

Satellite internet has been very important since it came onto the scene as a way for those who live in rural regions to have access to the same internet speeds as those who live in big cities do.  Previously, rural residents have been stuck with either no internet service or service that relied on dated technology, such as dial up.  As a result, there was little these residents could do online thanks to today’s graphics rich and fast paced world of websites.  Satellite, however, has changed all of that and now allows those who live in rural regions the same opportunity to have fast service.

As a result, there are also now more people who can take advantage of online features such as downloading music.  Because satellite internet offers the same speeds as DSL and cable internet, there are no issues when downloading a three minute song or the entire collection of Beatles songs.  In fact, these songs can be bought and downloaded you’re your own library in just a matter of seconds.  Satellite internet works by bouncing a signal off of a communications satellite circling thousands of miles above the surface of the earth.  This will make the internet have a small lag to it, but it is barely noticeable and only happens when playing games.  Doing regular tasks such as downloading music or surfing the web will happen seamlessly with satellite internet. 

Thanks to satellite internet, there are now more opportunities than ever for those who live in rural regions to keep up with everyone else.