In your opinion, what is an MPLS network? The answer is that an MPLS network is not a sevice but a technique utilized to deliver different kinds of services like IP VPNs and even optical services.


MPLS is a new kind of forwarding technique where packets, or information in the normal lingo, are transported using labels.


Traditionally, when you send out packets you employ a complex system of encryption and decryption process to make sure that the information is secure and protected. You can find that there are two types if encryption methods: the Tunnel and the Transport.


If the Transport mode is used, only a portion of the data or information is encrypted, leaving out the header. On the other hand, for the Tunnel mode, both the data and the header are encrypted, making it the more secure method of the two.


Moreover, the Public Key is another security system in place as you transmit your data and help to keep it safe throughout the exchange.


Before, the transfer rate of the packets were quite slow, however, with the use of MPLS or Multi Protocol Label Switching, the rate has become much faster.


The MPLS operates on an Open System Interconnection (OSI) Model Layer which is composed of 7 layers. Each of the controls will have to pass on through each layer. Ideally, the data is sent traversing through all seven layers and back as they are both sent and received.


However, with the MPLS network and its unique labeling system, the packets are labeled with Label Edge Routers including other important information. With all the information in it, the information packet is free to skip out on some layers, which in turn creates an efficient delivery of information.


If you are trying to find ways to improve your data communication exchange, then an MPLS network could be the solution you are looking for.


You will encounter plenty of good reasons why you should consider getting MPLS. Here are some of the best reasons why.



Of course, this would be dependent on the kind of applications you have as well as your network setup, but overall, you can cut down 10-15% of your cost just by having an MPLS network. Moreover, it will allow you to set up new technologies and give you a more secured network.


QoS Option

An MPLS is ideal for you especially if you are a company that is looking to incorporate both voice and video in your service.


Disaster Recovery

Another great thing about MPLS network is that you have an improved disaster recovery system. If one network is down or unavailable, you can direct the traffic to another location almost immediately without any hassles.


For example, your California office is down, you can automatically route it to the next office in Philadelphia, and it also makes the network failure in California known to other places.


Knowing about all these advantages, don’t you think it’s about time that you give an MPLS network a try and watch your business transform into a total success?


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