The privately held, health and wellness company, Monavie, was launched in 2005. The company has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company is headed by Dallin Larsen, who is the present CEO. Monavie, dealing with nutritional products markets its high-quality products either by the network marketing system or via multi-level marketing model.  The company has established its reputation as a popular company not involved in any financial entanglements whatsoever.

The array of products

Monavie has its most popular liquid natural supplement, which is a very rich acai berry drink. The chief ingredient in the supplement is the acai berry along with the concoction of other nineteen fruits like the pomegranates, banana, cranberry, grape and  kiwi to name a few. The acai berry is touted to be the number one super food. It is a great source of help for the body protecting the heart, acting as an antioxidant support, helping to maintain flexible joints, ensuring overall good health and well being.

The products come in different forms. Monavie Active helping the flexibility of joints, Monavie Pulse acting as the cardiovascular support and Monavie Original providing an antioxidant support, come in gel versions. Monavie E is the energy drink. While Monavie Kosher is the kosher certified version of Monavie, Monavie Mun is for protecting the immune system.

The feedback on the products has received a varied response. While some people found the products very useful, some were dissatisfied. After a deep probing on the range of products that Monavie offers, you need to use your own sense of judgment to decide whether or not to join Monavie.

The compensation plan

The compensation plan of Monavie is structured on a binary model. The compensation plan states that you can earn in nine different ways. There are also provisions of earning incentives in the form of luxury trips to high-profile resorts, luxury car program and the like.

The company has an impressive track record which spells out that there are members whose incomes cross the whooping $ 1 million mark annually.  The successful stories of people act as a source of great inspiration for those who are thinking of joining the business.

The achievements

In September 2009, Monavie became a company to reckon with because it was successful in earning the eighteenth spot on the Inc 500’s ‘Fastest Growing Company in The US.’ A company can build itself efficiently and can taste the flavors of success when the executive team and the organization’s management team put in their earnest effort to reap benefits. The CEO of Monavie has been the binding force to catapult the company with the other big names in the business domain. Dallin Larsen, the CEO of Monavie, was hailed as the National Entrepreneur of the Year For Emerging Markets by Ernst & Young in November 2009.

Monavie is a reliable company, with a good reputation.  Some representatives of the company have been successful in earning profits while some failed in their mission. If you have the drive, motivation and the basic skills to be successful in business, you can bank on Monavie for sure.

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