Taking advantage of the right opportunities can have a positive outcome on your life

Opportunities are the result of what you have thrown out to the universe in the past. You could say that a new opportunity is your karma bouncing back to you from your past deeds and actions. Here is an example that one of my students brought up in class. While working for a large pizza chain, he was asked to try out a new position in the kitchen. At that time he was setting up ingredients in the morning and delivering pies in the afternoon. His answer to his manager was that he did not want to do a lower echelon job and wanted to continue in his current position. Two weeks later he was let go. Unfortunately his ego had gotten into his way and clouded his decision. When he was let go, his manager explained that he was being tested for a management position and had failed the test. As he explained it, this missed opportunity could have changed his life. I experienced a similar situation when I was asked to wear a white belt in order to attend class’s run by a Japanese Karate teacher. My current rank from my school was a green belt and I refused to wear a white belt. Soon after the Japanese instructor asked me to leave. My ego had clouded my judgment resulting in a missed opportunity.

Opportunities should not be treated lightly. They are far too important and often mark changes in the path you have taken so far in your life’s journey. If we are able to access our minds with clarity we will be able to choose the right path. That is our problem. How to not let the ego predict our future and cloud our good judgment. Remember, that missed opportunity represents the end of a karmic trip of a package of good or bad thoughts and deeds, which you have put out into the universe.

The ego is gradually calmed by the disciplined ritualistic practice of a modality such as yoga, tai chi or running. What is important is not the discipline but the daily practice of that discipline. Pick a discipline, find a time and place to practice it and set out a realistic goal for you to reach. The goal should be difficult but doable. Persevere with your practice mentally and physically. Do not miss a practice session. Follow your plan for 100 days. If you miss a day start over at day 1. The results of this practice will amaze you. The mind calms, the ego fades, the body relaxes giving you time necessary to evaluate your destiny.