The medical field continues to advance and change over the years.  As new technology has come about, doctors are often the first to embrace the latest and greatest which has come out, especially if it will help benefit their patients.  One invention which has led to a much better way of communication between doctors and their patients is the internet. 

The internet has allowed for doctors and patients to communicate with each other without having to be in the same room with each other.  This has been a big advantage to those who live in rural regions and can’t make regular trips into town in order to see the doctor.  Now, thanks to the internet and webcams, patients and doctors can still see each other face to face.  While patients will still need to go see a doctor for a full physical, the internet does allow each side to visit with the other and discuss such things as ongoing treatment options and allow the patient to ask questions of the physician. 

This type of communication has only become possible thanks to the invention and proliferation of satellite internet.  Without this form of communication, many who live in rural areas are still stuck without internet service, or with very slow dial up. This is because many companies don’t believe that it is cost efficient to run the wires to just a few homes and potential customers.  However, satellite broadband is different and relies on orbiting communication satellites in which to provide internet service.  Despite the distance of several thousand miles, broadband satellite is just as fast as any other internet service allowing users to visit any website on the internet no matter how graphics rich it may be. 

Satellite broadband also allows doctors to talk to one another.  This makes it better for a team of doctors to determine a path of treatment for a particular patient as well as share files with each other.  In the end, this better form of communication is a winning situation for the patient who will be able to rely on more doctors in order to get better treatment. 

The internet is also making it easier for patients to research medical conditions on their own.  In fact, studies show that many people, and especially the elderly, will look up information related to their illness and then ask their doctor questions based on the research.  While patients do have to be careful about the information they seek, the internet is allowing for people to be better informed and to therefore make better decisions regarding their treatment. 

Satellite internet is also vital in helping make this happen in regions which haven’t previously had internet services.  Those who may not be able to get to town at any time now have another viable way to see their doctor and discuss their treatment and issues with them.  As computers and speeds get faster, these types of consultations are only likely to become more and more popular and widespread throughout the world.

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