In order to continue to operate and to achieve greater competitiveness is essential for leaders of every company comes up with the dynamism that facilitates the change in specific industries. To do this, leaders should begin a systematic collection, recording and analyzing information about competitors, customers and the general market (Bradley, 2007).

This process is known as marketing research, and provides the fundamental basis of the marketing process of any successful company. When we examine trends in traditional marketing, Kotler & Armstrong (2007) to make demands that marketing principles are used today cannot ensure good performance in the near future.

Discuss the market research

Let me start this section by reference to the comment Saga Mario Italian Bakery is Divito. Undoubtedly, Mario has been specifically called for a global marketing research to reach business goals. To be precise, it is clear that marketing research can be said to be the first or the second approach, the research tools and methods used to make the search process (Bradley, 2007).

Secondary market research involves the acquisition and use of information gathered from an external source. In most cases, the reasons for adopting this method of research is, of course, because it is relatively inexpensive and, most importantly, these data are applied or in any way similar to an existing product that a company or a product from this company. Its disadvantages include the use of a partial lack of information about the study and definition of problems, in particular the results of the validation. Asked how he wants to know if the capture of measure that seeks to measure are highlighted.

If this is the primary market research, the researcher asks the basic questions to help the company stay focused. Below is an example of typical questions asked to carry out research marketing method is mainly used for:

1. What is happening in the market? 2. Who are the competitors? 3. What is the consumer perception of a product on the market? 4. What is available and if needs are met?

In a landmark study, Marder (1997) provides marketing research services into two broad categories based on what the objective of the research is intended to serve. Primarily a researcher may be engaged in what he called a “problem solving” in search of a “problem solving” research. A practice among leading researchers in marketing is to explore a particular problem, familiar to the problems by supporting the preliminary stage and still provide the basis for achieving success points in the decision.

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