Taking some time to read about how to choose which company can make you money online can be the difference between you getting scammed out of your money or realizing your dream of being an internet entrepreneur. The big question people ask is, can you really make money on the internet? The answer is simple… yes! There are businesses and people making money and lots of it. You just need to be able to spot a legitimate company from someone who is just trying to con you out of some of your hard earned money.

I have researched hundreds of online businesses and have seen some similarities in the ones that are real and the ones that are scams. “Make millions with our business”, You will see this type of phrase on hundreds of businesses websites that are offering some money making idea. You just need to know how to sort through them.

One way to decide if a business is going to really perform how they say is the sincerity coming from the company. You see, anyone can talk a good game, but its getting behind that fluff that you will uncover the truth. Research the company. Try and find some information through a search engine. If the business is really making people money, they will be sure tell everyone about it. I have done this for some companies I was looking into. I found that some did not have much existence outside their web page, I would highly recommend you stay away from these. It usually means they are the “hit and run” type of businesses, they get your money and then they are gone. Others had a consistent flow of negative feed back from people who tried it and either got conned out of their money or could not accomplish what they where told would be so easy. You have to be careful about the negative feed back. You see, there will be negativity about every single company on the internet. It is how some businesses advertise. They get traffic by posting negative, and sometimes false, reviews about a company just to get you to click over to their web page. But if you look hard enough, you will see the same person doing that to many other businesses and then you know not to believe what that persons review states.

Is the business selling an idea or a an actual opportunity? Lots and lots of websites sell an idea for $ 30 – $ 200. An idea is just an explanation of what you can do to make money, almost like a suggestion. Not very often will you get much more than that for such a cheap cost, and most of the time you can find the idea for free somewhere else. When this is all that you have to spend to make your millions, you have to seriously question the legitimacy of the company. Just think about it. If you could really spend just $ 50 and start making tens of thousands of dollars, don’t you think everyone in the world would be doing it?

Is there a “win win” type of structure to business? Do you directly effect the company by your success or lack thereof? If the business’s life depends on you making money then you have good reason to think the company may be legit. Because obviously if the business does not help you succeed, then it will close down. You should really look closely at these businesses. The level of training and/or support you get is far greater than those just selling an idea that can make you money. You still need to do your due diligence and research the business, but this is where you should spend time looking. These are the places people are usually making the big bucks and are realizing their dreams.

So don’t give up hope. It may take a long time to find that right company for you.
You can accomplish your dream if you put your mind and effort into it!

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How I Started My Online EBAY Business Pt.1 (Requested Video) | itsmeladyg

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This requested video is about the steps I took to start my online consignment/resale business on Ebay. Due to it’s length, it will be in 2 parts. If there are any other questions please feel free to ask me.


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