Commission Overload is the brand new training course focused solely on the principles of online marketing .It is presented by Tim Atkinson and his trusty sidekick Digital Gangster who just happens to be behind the scenes.


So what’s all the hoopla about Commission Overload? Are they just another crappy software salesmen looking to lace their pockets with your money ? Well I got news for you.


He first launched the whole entire course for exclusive insiders on the WarriorForum. I fortunately had the luxury to purchase the course for myself and happened to have witnessed positive results after just 2hours in total implementing his strategies. Before you go calling me a spammer, you have to consider other affiliates are saying the same exact thing.


I was particularly fond of the first module which in turn gives an inside look into the initial stage of identifying your target market and rooting out offers that best convert for that chosen market. This is childsplay for some, but for others getting the correct formula is everything! As a newbie it’s always important to follow reputable mentors as well and sound systems when setting up your campaigns. This along with the step by step watch over my shoulder techniques really helped clear a few things for intermediates as well as newbies.


The following 7 modules cover some super stealthy techniques to boost conversions and sales . He really pulls back the curtain and reveals the exact campaigns in real time which in turn backs his claims up significantly. The introduction of various selling points also comes into play within the modules, as you can expect the profit margin to dwindle once the methods get over saturated. Hence the ability to think outside the box and mix and match markets relative to each other using derivative products to slash the competition. This is pure gold. Now like any good information product there will constant updates, including a further look into building a full time business and how to leverage your income and outsource everything to free up your time . I don’t usually recommend stuff but this is one course you would kick yourself for not getting.



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