Internet marketing includes any type of marketing that is performed on the Internet. If you are trying to get others to buy your product, your service, or buy into a business concept, you are doing Internet marketing. You can make money with Internet marketing, because it is a proven business model that has been working for a long time.
What makes Internet Marketing work? The common denominator between Internet Marketing and general marketing is not the Internet. It is people! If you can get your message to the right people at the right time, then you stand a great chance of success, and people will buy from you, all other things being equal. Marketing on the Internet is a little different from it’s off-line counterpart. But there are some common areas as well.

To make money online, it is good to discover the commonalities between online and off-line marketing, and focus on them. When your target audience goes online, there is no great change between who the person was while he was off-line, and who the person is now that he is on the Internet.
The person remains a human being. If you could sell him or her a washing machine from your showroom floor, you can sell him or her the same piece of equipment online. The psychological process is the same. What has changed is the medium of communication.
To make money with Internet Marketing, you should bring as many of the components of a physical sales encounter to the virtual experience. That is why videos are so effective in the online sales process. By bringing the sights, sounds, and emotional triggers of a physical sales encounter to your website, you can get pretty much get the same results online. This can then translate into more sales for you. Learning how to use full emotional impact in your online business may be the best thing you can do for your bottom line.

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