Never before in the history of the world has there been a time where ANY person who has a service, a message, or a product to sell can reach an audience that is worldwide in scope. This ability has heretofore been reserved only for major corporations with millions of dollars to spend in advertising. Now, with the advent of modern technology and such social networking sites such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace the average person has at his or her fingertips the same potential to create a marketing empire that only a few years ago would not have been possible. Have you ever wanted to start your own business before? For many the risk and cost of doing so are just too great. There are stores to lease, products to inventory, people to hire, utilities to set up, logistics to plan-the list can go on and on. There is another way to begin a business, however, that takes advantage of what modern technology now has to offer.

Many companies have websites but few businesses know how to drive traffic to their sites. The goal in business is to have as many possible customers buying your product as possible. If no one knows you exist then no one will order anything. It’s as simple as that. This article is devoted to giving you some useful tips on how to market a product right from the comfort of your own home and to create a sales and marketing business that can rival that of any large company.

In order to have a business you have to have a product to sell. This is rather obvious. The first step is to either create your own product, i.e., a cookie, a service, a video game, a dog leash, whatever you have an interest in, or you can find a company that actively looks for individual entrepreneurs to move their products for them. Once you have determined what product you would like to sell the next step is to market that product. Luckily, you won’t have to spend gobs of money to advertise your product because you are going to be armed with knowledge and some simple marketing techniques that few people have.

One of the ways to market a product is through the very medium that you are reading. Yes, you can write articles giving people useful information, and in exchange you will have your articles published to the web with author links to your own website. People who like what you have to say will be intrigued to find out more information about you and what else you have to offer them-not bad, and it’s all for free.

Another invaluable way to market your product will be through the medium of video uploads to YouTube. YouTube is not just for strange, off the wall video clips from around the world that people find amusing. It is a vast search engine of video information that people google to find what they are looking for. If you are creative, imaginative and have a tenacious spirit then there is hardly anything that can stand in your way from virtually becoming the CEO of your own marketing empire. Your business will only be limited by your own ideas. Be bold, believe in yourself, and take the time to research the information and techniques available to you online. Your financial future will be much brighter if you do so.

Steve Boston is a television producer in New York, author, and online marketing specialist. He can help you get started with a business on the computer and offers free tutorials to get you going. Visit his site at

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