Have you ever stared at your boss’s door, wanting to walk inside and ask for that raise that you have deserved for months, but then felt anxious and turned away? Maybe you missed a speed limit sign and then saw those flashing lights. Was the first thing that went through your mind, how can I convince this officer to not give me a ticket?

If you had the skills of conversational hypnosis readily available, these situations would go another way. Not only would you walk into that office with complete confidence and get that raise without any resistance, but also the officer would listen to your explanation, smile, and let you go. Knowing that those types of results are possible; don’t you want to know how you can learn and implement these techniques for yourself?

First, it is important that you understand exactly what conversational hypnosis is and why it works. Conversational hypnosis a form of hypnotism that uses directed conversation and careful nonverbal cues to break through a person’s natural psychological defenses to access his subconscious mind. Accessing this portion of a person’s psyche allows you to subtly manipulate and influence his thoughts, emotions, compulsions, and behaviors in a covert manner.

In simpler terms, conversational hypnosis is a means of mind control without the subject knowing what you are doing. This enables you to direct a situation to be whatever you wish, with the complete cooperation of anyone who you encounter.

These methods are based in sound scientific understandings. In his program the Power of Conversational Hypnosis, Igor Ledochowski explains why these methods work.

He presents that a hypnotic trance is actually a completely natural state that occurs frequently. It is not sleeping or being unaware of your surroundings, but rather a slightly altered sense of consciousness involving relaxation and release of barriers. He also explains that conversational hypnosis, to some degree, is a common occurrence in everyday life.

Examples of subtle mind control that you constantly encounter, and likely would not consider deceptive or negative, are television advertising campaigns, billboards, politician platform speeches and travel information presentations. All of these situations involve subtle manipulation that influences you to behave in a particular manner.

That is what conversational hypnosis is all about. Using the Power of Conversational Hypnosis, you can harness the power of these techniques, concentrate them, and utilize them for your own benefit.

Because Igor Ledochowski wanted to make the methods available to anyone who wished to learn; he made his program available either in a physical format or as a download. With the instant download, you will be able to learn hypnosis online at your own pace and on your own time. Once you are able to implement these techniques in your daily interactions with friends, family and even strangers, you will see just how amazing these methods are and how much they can change your life.

Even the most awkward and difficult situations can be made easier with conversational hypnosis. You have the confidence of knowing that the situation is in your control and that any person you encounter will do exactly what you want and need to ensure you reach all of your goals.

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