“Traditional Network Marketing Training” As it has (and still is) been taught over the years has had its run. No longer does the making the list and checking it twice produce the way it has in the past. This is because now your list contains others like you and I that have failed in the network marketing arena, and they are too skeptical,.. Unless, you know the secret on how to do it! If you know the secret and use it, you will fully realize the tripling of your current commission check in 90 Days of Less!

The secret in Network Marketing Training today is that the current top money earners in Network Marketing Training, will tell you, (maybe) it is now all about systems and being automated in today’s world of MLM.

How many times have you gone to your list as outlined by the old world Network Marketing Training only to have them question you about how much money you have made? (Or not) How many times have they questioned you on how many prospects you have recruited so far? (Or not) Have you ever had people on your contact list tell you to come back once you have made money, or recruited prospects, then they would take a look, or talk with you then?

Old world Network Marketing Training (MLM Training) says that if your why is strong enough you will find a way to over come any objection. Baloney! In today’s Network Marketing World you have to do it all backwards. By backwards I mean, doesn’t it make sense that once you already have a growing and successful Network Marketing Business, then would be the time to approach your warm market?

Wouldn’t your warm market be more open to not only listening to you, but, wouldn’t you also stand a much greater chance of them actually joining your opportunity AFTER YOU HAVE PROVEN YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO BE A SUCCESS?

Network Marketing Training ain’t what it used to be, so why isn’t the NEW world of Network Marketing Training teaching us to do it backwards? Good question. You would think that they want you to succeed, because the more you make, the more that they make.

The truth to the matter is the plain and simple fact that they don’t know how to do it backwards.

In today’s world, Network Marketing Training is all about learning automation, and learning systems. If your Network Marketing Training, has not been updated to include: Multiple streams of income, funded proposal marketing, follow me technology and others, then there is no wonder that you are reading about “more than tripling your current commission check” right now.

If your team support (up line) is not teaching you the inside on how to use social media to explode your business in YOUR current opportunity or if they are not showing you where to go and get that training, then you need to take it upon yourself to do so.

Network Marketing Training today consists of learning how to market with YouTube, Face Book, Linkedin, Back Page, Craigs List, Blogs and much more. Because if you do not learn how to impliment these social media sites and others, you are getting left behind. WAY BEHIND. And, you are getting left behind at the speed of the internet, which is a thousand times faster than the speed of light.

This is where it is all happening. By “This” I mean success. If you learn and employ even one the automated systems that are available, you will easily triple your current commission check, and that’s not to bad (for starters) is it?

The up to the second information that is available in cyber space allows instant down loads, meaning that instead of you having to wait days, weeks or even a month for your Network Marketing Training to arrive, you can have it right now! Instantly. So if you can have any Network Marketing Training in the world, right now, then why can’t you more than triple your current commission check in 90 days, or less?

It happens every day. More and more people are looking into this Network Marketing Training that covers: Multiple streams of income, funded proposal marketing, YouTube, Face Book, Blogs and more. You should too! Put them all to use. People in Network Marketing are making more money now than ever before in history, because of all this automated technical stuff.

So the new world Network Marketing Training (Train) is pulling into the station. Buy a ticket, get it punched and get on board, right now. Your destination is life style that you have always dreamed about. You know the time of arrival is only 90 days or less. So when are you getting on board?

For several years Doug Monroe struggled in his attempts with Network Marketing until he learned the secret of Automation to generate and convert quality leads into his down line with this Seven Video Tutorial.

Learn more on how you can take your current opportunity over the T O P (Total Ongoing Prosperity) on his Blog

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