Hey there!

Let’s piggy back on Walmart… And Kmart… And all those other MARTS?

How about that?

I’ll show you a simple technique that I use to make money with eBay by letting all those huge brands to the work FOR ME. They do all the research and planning for me, I just come in near the end, use their research, and sell the same stuff they’re selling. Except while they’re located in real life, I’m tapping into eBay to provide for those more “savvy” buyers.

How do we piggy back on giant retail corporations? By simply going inside their store and opening your eyes.

We’re trained not really to look at what we’re not actively looking for. I mean, it makes sense. Why are you going to go to a donut store when you really want a cheeseburger? It makes sense. But when you’re going to make money with eBay, you need to visit the donut store! You have to find out what donuts are selling HOT, so that you can sell those same donuts even HOTTER.

Get my drift?

So how do we do that

Let’s go into Walmart and look around. Let’s find the products that they have on the FRONT of the store. Let’s find out what they have at the front of the aisles. Let’s find out what they have as soon as you walk in.

What are they trying to SHOVE DOWN YOUR THROAT is another way to think about it. You know what I mean? When you go inside, what are they really trying to SELL HARD to you. Why do they do that anyway?

Answer: Because those products are PROVEN, and they KNOW they will sell. So they just make it EASIER FOR THEM to be sold.

Let’s use this now.

Thanks for the piggy back, Walmart!

Once you have those products, all you have to do is find a wholesaler that will give you a decent price for them. That’s not very hard to do, but unfortunately beyond the scope of this article. Once you find out what places will give you those same products CHEAP, you can just pull a 1-2-3 flippy floppy and put them up on eBay, for nearly or if not better than the prices at piggy back Walmart!

Thanks, Walmart! Thanks, Target!

Happy piggy backing, go into those stores with your eyes open, and you’ll find TONS of stuff you can begin selling!

Thanks for listening! GO-GO PIGGY BACK!

Thanks again for reading,