You can pretty much stop looking for jobs for teens under 18. The reason you can sop looking is because I’m about to share the exact method I used to earn a nice bit of extra income on the web. Best of all, it was all free and I continue to get checks and Paypal payments on a monthly basis from it.

Before we get any farther, let me tell you what it is, because I’m sure you’ve tried it out before, but didn’t make much money doing it. It deals with taking paid surveys, which 95% of us have tried in the past. Many of you have since given up on them as being great jobs for teens under 18, though, and I know why. You probably gave up because the payments you got were pretty low. Well, I know how to change that around, because there’s a very strong chance that you just weren’t finding the better paying places, or else you would still be doing surveys for cash.

Let me put it like this. You never want to look for survey sites by using the assistance of a search engines. This is where so many of us go wrong. That is the worst possible way to uncover the higher paying survey websites. They never, ever show up in their search results. It’s a pretty rare occurrence when they do. Since over 90% of all people rely on engines to look for survey sites, it’s no wonder why people give up on them as being great jobs for teens under 18!

Like I was saying, though, you can easily do something about that. All it takes is a little switch in how you “look” for survey websites. The best path to take (which I still use to this day) is by using the power of large forums. The larger, the better. It’s such a simple way to get fully informed about the best paying survey sites out there. If you want to make them into fantastic jobs for teens under 18, it’s painfully easy to do. You just dive into the archive section, where a world of topics about surveys is available to you. Even better, the info you gather in these topics will usually be very honest, because bigger forums tend to delete spam and blatantly false information with the quickness. They absolutely hate it, leaving you with fresh, relevant info.

If you can take ten minutes out of your day to breeze through a small fraction of those topics, you will instantly find out where the best paying survey places are. That’s all you have to do to make them into the ultimate jobs for teens under 18. Just hop in and read through the posts, because people just like you are in here sharing and comparing all of the various survey places they’ve run across. They talk about their payments and so many other inside tips.

Surveys are one of the jobs for teens under 18 that you don’t even need to leave your house for.

Here is a free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites, which are the ultimate Jobs for Teens Under 18.