You have probably spent days upon days looking for jobs for teens under 18. That’s when the average person gives up and turns to the internet, trying to find something, anything that will give them a decent amount of extra cash. Well, that’s why I wrote this article. I’m about to share the one thing that has always given me lots of extra cash, and best of all, it’s always free.

Just to let you know, I am talking about paid surveys, which a lot of people have given up on. They give up on them because they just aren’t getting paid very much for the time they have spent doing various surveys. I see this all the time, so it’s no wonder so many people think they aren’t good jobs for teens under 18 any more. The truth is that they can be a wonderful job. The mistake that people make is that they “look” for survey sites the wrong way and end up at these garbage places that pay extremely low amounts for their surveys.

There are so many bigger and higher paying survey sites out there. You just need to know how to pin point them, which will easily make them into awesome jobs for teens under 18. For starters, never use a search engine to look for survey websites. This is the one huge mistake that people are making. 95% of people head right over to a search engine when they are looking for new survey places. Don’t do this any more, because search engines never pull up the top dollar websites in their lists. Never. That’s my first tip.

My next tip is the one that will put a lot more cash in your pockets and make surveys into wonderful jobs for teens under 18. If you want to find the best survey places, all you need is the assistance of any big forum. It’s where you have free and total access to tons of honest information about surveys. Honesty is the key here and these large, well established forums have tons of it, because they take out all of the spam. All you do now is jump into their archives, where you can yank up hundreds of past topics about the survey industry. It’s where people just like you have talked freely about their findings of superb survey sites and they engage in conversation about the various places they have tried out.

It gets you extremely informed about the places that pay high, which is what makes them into great jobs for teens under 18.

Here is a free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites, which are the ultimate Jobs for Teens Under 18.