Most of us are not born as mingles. Truth of the matter, though, is that some of us could be highly introvert individuals. But as the famous saying goes, practice makes man perfect. Carrying forward this point, preparation and readiness could transform any shy or diffident chap to highly motivated and enthusiastic individual.
The networking strategy is even more relevant and important in today’s world whereby a grim employment scenario and freeze in hiring has aggravated the concerns of job aspirants venturing out of colleges. It may sometimes feel outwardly awkward at first, the ability to connect and building relationships is vital to advancing careers and success. You might also land up an unadvertised position or some mended ways to apply for a prospective position. We, therefore present you a mini guide to those tips that can aid you in making your networking truly successful.
1. Don’t underestimate yourself
Pessimism is a dangerous vice. Don’t underestimate yourself thinking that you don’t know much people or there is none who could aid you with your job search. The reality is however, topsy turvy. Your contacts include your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues and casual acquaintances. Also figure out people you have come across through close connections.  Do not feel nervous while asking for favors or embarrassed about your unemployed situation.
Make sure people love talking about themselves. Discuss your problems and who knows something really productive and fruitful turns out. People love recognition for their efforts and expertise, thus a word of advice entails squeezing maximum potential out of it. Take advice from those around you. It’s a fun filled process and relieves anxiety.
2. Get started
Nothing is ever going to materialize if no one knows about your situation. Churn out a list of your references, contacts. Make calls or fix meetings to inform them about your present situation. Get out of the self guilt trivia, and openly discuss your goals, key concerns and recommendations needed for specific employer targets. A word of caution includes one should avoid generic networking. 
Ending it on line of discretion, networking is give and take process. It is a traditional technique of relating to others in lieu of seeking favors. So guys, be authentic, considerate, act smart with the slow in, fast out mantra to tap in maximum benefits from resources.

Nisha Thakur is an employment and career adviser, helping freshers and students with their career management.

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