How do you know if something is right for you? You don’t really. At least not until actually use a product. If you’re interested in making money on the internet, you have probably heard about the Wealthy Affiliate University. But how do you know if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you? I will attempt to help you with this question.

First off, the University is just that, a University. There is no getting away from it. I have seen many people sucked in before, expecting to make money without any effort at all… not going to happen. As Thomas Edison once said “There is no substitute for hard work.” And he should know! So if you already have an idea in your head about whether or not you are prepared to put some effort in, then this should confirm that. The Wealthy Affiliate forum is full of people who have all arrived and are then disappointed when they find that they actually have to do something.

Secondly, the University is one which is well equipped. I am a firm believer that one could make money with any product out there, if one put the time and effort in. But, as with anything, varying degrees of success occur with different products. You’ve probably heard what Wealthy Affiliate claims to offer, and without a doubt, they make the boldest claims of any product out there today. Is it true? I’m not going to answer that, because a tool is only as good as as the person who uses it.

Thirdly, you may be spooked by that last bit. You might be interested in Wealthy Affiliate because it claims to teach new beginners. Yes, the tutorials are good, no, they will not make you millions on their own. And if you are thinking that I am banging on again about hard work, you’re right!

Is Wealthy Affiliate right for you? Probably. If you’re prepared to spend quite some time with it, asking questions, doing the tutorials, then you’re probably going to be OK. That’s my number one piece of advice for any person asking if it’s right for them. Answer that question honestly, and you’ll do fine.

To find out heaps more information about Wealthy Affiliate, and help you to make the decision about if it’s right for you, do download my free eBook below!

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