MLM residual income, is it really worth it?


The MLM industry is still a pretty big home based business to be in. But as you may have known that it can be a real headache keeping the residual income check the way you want it.


In order to become really successful and profitable in the MLM home based business industry, you need to keep your downline happy and profitable themselves!


Most people that get involved in an MLM company have NO business sense and tend to do things the hard way! Pitching people, holding home and hotel parties have been the “old school” way of recruiting people into the business.


Yes, you may sign up 10 people at a home or hotel party, but many MLM business owners struggle to keep those 10 people ordering every month to make a check!



And here’s when the headaches begin. Not everyone is going to keep ordering every month. In fact the MLM Home business industry has about a 70% dropout rate!


Those 10 people will probably turn into only 3! Not much of a residual income to be proud of, is it?


Many people have the goal to make a 6 figure income with whatever the home based business opportunity is. Yes, when you are presented the business plan, it may look simple to you to make this kind of money.


Actually going out and doing it, is another story.


The average MLM distributor is making only about $ 2,900 PER YEAR!!Not a month or a week, but a year! 6 figures is only 34 years away!!


Are you getting a headache just reading this? I am, because it brings back some painful memories.


Here are some other statistics:

Less than 10% of MLMer’s make $ 100 per week


Less than 1% qualify for commisions. And the ones that do, are making money off themselves by buying their won product.



So the MLM industry can be very difficult to be in despite it’s continuing popularity. But with all the “Old School” training of it’s members are leaving MLM distributors with a lot of headaches.


Not to mention what the sposnor has to go through when he/she has the whiners and complainers that “can’t get their business going” or others that say “everyone is saying ‘no’ to the business opportunity”.


With many MLM home based business owners fed up with the tiny downlines, tiny checks, the abundance of headaches, more and more MLMers have discovered “new school” ways of growing their businesswithout the headaches. And withotut the complainers.


This also prevents the 70% dropout rate to alot less, allowing for bigger and more consistent residual checks! With many people discovering these new and more effective ways to keep their residual checks coming in every month, many MLM home business owners are seeing some relief.



MLM doesn’t have to be a headache. Just do your homework and find the effective ways to keep your downline profitably and happy to keep your MLM residual income check the way YOU want it!



I appreciate the opportunity to educate you,


Greg Schmidt

Greg Schmidt is an internet marketing entrepreneur who educates MLM business owners on how to create a more steadt flow of residual checks for their business.

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