The business in India is a new wave of trend being followed globally. Investing in India’s economy is becoming a big attraction for the foreign investors especially due to the booming Indian economy and the staggering economy of the developed countries. The investment guide is another tool with respect to providing services to the Indian community. India Connect is one of the favoured slogan for forming the connection with non-resident Indians (NRIs). Ministry of Overseas takes out a monthly newsletter India Connect targeting the Overseas Investors, NRIs etc to come forward to do business in India. Through its knowledge partners, it provides part of the investment guide as it provides information and also explains as and to set up a business in India.

The robust Indian economy has become a trend to follow on and the business investments being attracted are becoming part of the rising economic bandwagon to prosperity. The vast investment opportunities available and the positive investment climate in India have become a part of every business entrepreneur’s life. The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs has set up an Overseas Indian Facilitation Centre (OIFC) as a not-for-profit-trust, in partnership with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to promote investment opportunities amongst the overseas Indians. OIFC also assists the States in India to project investment opportunities to Overseas Indians and help them make business investments.

The India Connect concept is most favoured as India has always been a great fascinating destination for the foreign players especially with the large population base with a huge opportunity to do business investments. The developing countries have been acclaimed as the forerunners of the global economy and in its revival. It is important to understand that India is ready and is an indistinctively important destination for foreign direct investments (FDI) in India and to make business investments. The recent remarks by Barack Obama, the US President that India is not simply emerging but has already emerged is in itself self-explanatory to the India’s potential.

The investment guide to do business in India is being provided with various forms of services – handholding services is one of them. It is such remarks by prominent personalities, which strengthen the claims and the prestige of India. Furthermore, France’s support for India to obtain a permanent seat at United Nations Security Council (UNSC) portrays the importance of India. It thus, becomes important for various organisations providing investment guidance to come forward and to help understand business in India.

The services such as handholding services help investors to do business in India and provide investment guide from conception to completion of the project. Such services support companies of all countries interested in business investments to record FDI in India etc.

The States are being encouraged to actively promote their investment opportunities/ projects/ business investments. Some of the most favored destinations being Chennai, Hyderabad Bengaluru etc. The various services offered by the States to assist the non-resident Indians (NRI’s), overseas Indians and high networth individual’s (HNI) potray the interest of the respective governments to assist as well as attract FDI in India and indirectly help in developing the state’s infrastructure. Such services help in creating a conducive environment for FDI in India.

Harjeet is an Indian – born mass-market novelist, who covers the world internet related topics . He writes columns and articles for various websites and internet journals in the domain of Indian economy and investment strategies.