Once you add fishes, your tank will be a complete aquamarine environment. But not too fast, buddy. Introducing fishes into the newly setup aquarium follows a proper procedure. It’s not as easy as seen on TV. You don’t just pour everything in there and you’re done. Below is the step-by-step procedure to follow:

Step 1. Determine how many can be added. A good rule of thumb is to add one fish specie at a time. This is particularly important especially for schooling fishes, which require at least six of their kind.

More fishes can be added in the tank if regular water change is maintained, healthy and live pants are in there, and you are using more than one type of well-maintained filters.

Now, how many can you add in a tank? A good rule on this is one inch of slim-bodied fish for every gallon of water. It may be only a few but be contented with what you will have for now. Experts suggest that beginners must wait for about six months before adding new species in the same tank.

First-timers get easily overwhelmed with an overcrowded fish tank. Remember, the more fishes there are, the quicker the waste accumulation. Even having the best filtration won’t help. That means you’ll need to do more frequent cleaning to keep them all healthy.

Step 2. Acclimate the fishes. Sudden change in water temperature stresses the fishes. You have to introduce the pets to the new water slowly but surely. Do this by first, setting the bag in the tank. Wait for at least half an hour to give time for the bag’s water temperature to adjust to the tank water’s temperature.

Step 3. Add tank water into the bag. The correct way to do this is to partially introduce tank water to the bag. Add about a quarter cup of this to the fish bag. Do this again after every 15 minutes in a span of one hour.

Dispose excess water from the bag. Never add water from the bag into the tank. You’ll never know if it has parasites or anything that could ruin the good balance of the tank’s water ecology.

Step 4. Put the fishes under quarantine. Remove the bag of fishes from the tank. Be very careful not to spill any water from it. Keep the fishes in a separate quarantine tank for at least two weeks. Observe them for any signs of disease. Medicate the fishes in the quarantine tank in case they get sick. This way, the main tank’s water chemistry will not be affected.

You may skip putting the fishes under quarantine as long as you’re sure you have bought them from a reputable store and that they came from a clean tank.

Some lazy beginners would not even care and simply put the fishes in the tank. Well, you can do that, too. Just cross your fingers, close your eyes, and hope for the best. If unlucky, fishes will die. You’ll have to clean the tank and everything in there and start from the scratch. Better be sure and follow the correct procedures above.

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