We are living in the age of information and internet is ultimate tool that allows people to exchange variety of information on any subject and can be shared at the worldwide level. Internet allows the people to share the information and connect to the people living in remote areas. It is not that, people can share the textual information through internet but people can also access videos, audios and any TV station at any time on the internet. With the availability of internet people can access and browse to knowledgeable information and can update them self with the latest news.

Now, you can watch any TV station in the world by tuning to Internet TV broadcasting. You can access the internet and watch your favourite TV shows live. The TV lovers can easily catch their favourite TV shows at any time on the internet. You can broadcast the video recording of your own shows on 24 hours a day. With the assistance of experts, you can broadcast your own discussion and live interview on your own TV, thus in a way you can advertise your own services to the world. Let say for instance there is a Bank TV, Sales TV, Fishing Gear TV, Fitness TV, Hobby TV etc. One can make your own internet TV and it will be centered on your function and on your theme. Moreover, on the internet, one can create their own video and video blogs and can share with the whole world. The arrival of You tube allows the people to express and share their ideas, products and services through the source of internet. Like, You tube, there are similar sites are available on the internet that allows people to express message, idea and services in the better way.

One of the leading providers of satellite services is the Belgium Satellite Services (BSS) that includes multi-media over satellite, DVB-RCS solutions, Teleport services, TV and Radio broadcast solutions, TDM/TDMA solutions. The teleport services or telecommunication port is the centralized location that provides the right to use advance bandwidth services. BSS provides teleport services leasing to their customers. BSS relies on the two state of the art teleport services; one is at Lessive and another at Liedekerke. The antenna sizes of these station is ranging from 8.1 meters to 32 meters working in KU band satellite system, Eku, DBS and C band.

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