You’ve read that the World Wide Web is a huge source of profit, just waiting to be tapped, with Internet income opportunities available with every click. And if you look at the stock performance of companies like Amazon and the profits turned over by Google, it seems that there has to be an opportunity for you to make money too, right?

I mean, after all, everyone uses the Internet. All the time. But here are some things you need to know before you dive in.

First, not all Internet income opportunities are what they seem. Here are 2 commonly marketed “paths to wealth” that are really a waste of time.

Processing rebates is not a solid way to build income on the Internet. Here’s why. The people marketing this job are charging you anywhere from $ 39 to $ 99 to have you set up a Clickbank (or other similar site) affiliate account and sell one of their products. You sell it and offer a rebate to the customer. When you get your commission, you send the rebate to your customer and keep the difference. However, if the customer decides to return the product, he gets all of his money back and gets to keep your rebate. Clearly not the safest income opportunity out there.
Depending on the company, exchanging currency is often another scam lurking among the online income opportunities. You buy shares in an “e-currency” and are promised profits when the money you put in is invested in other currencies. There is allegedly no risk, just like there is no risk in being a stockbroker who just charges transaction fees. However, what this really has turned into is a series of Ponzi schemes. No real investments are being made, and existing investors are being paid with new investors’ money. You don’t want to be at the bottom of THAT pyramid.

So, how can you avoid scams? Luckily, you’re not the only person out there trying to earn an income online. People get very angry when they are swindled out of their money from scams like this, and they post their comments online. If you do a search for “Internet Income Opportunity” reviews, you will see lots of reports—both positive and negative—about different online opportunities.

People get very excited about the Internet opportunities that serve them well, and they’ll post comments about those too. Remember, if you are going to earn an income, you probably have to earn money for someone else, too. And if it’s going to be worth your time, it should average out to a reasonable hourly wage.

So if you have to send off for a boatload of expensive supplies (home product kit, for example) before you can even get started, or if you have to pay more money to get started than you think you should for a process that is sold as simple, then you want to steer clear. Also, if the website is offering something that sounds too good to be true (remember that rebate processing site?), it is. That was true before there ever were Internet income opportunities, and it remains true today.

William Bud Gragg, Jr., believes that personal coaching and mentoring is the foundation for true success in any home based business. He teaches others how to apply proven success principles such as personal branding, attraction marketing, and personal development to be successful in a Internet Income opportunities.

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Start your online clothing store today!

How to start an online clothing store? That’s a good question when you’re just starting out. There is an array of information online but where to start. Well, you’ve landed in the right place. This video gives you an overview on how to start an online clothing store. Please note everything in this video was based on research I conducted. Please do your own research! I know the video is long but I wanted to provide as much info as possible. If you would like to skip through certain topics I will leave the time stamps below:

Before anything you need a business name and business license. The business name should be registered with the fictitious business name office in your area.

0:09 Get an EIN
0:20 Wholesale/Resale permit
0:32 Get Incorporated
0:58 Wholesale Clothing Suppliers
4:42 Clothing Manufacturers
5:30 Ecommerce Host
5:50 Business Marketing (Fliers, Business Cards, Fashion Shows)
6:34 Drop Shipping
7:28 Customer Service
7:47 Hiring Photographer, Models, and Brand Ambassadors
10:41 LA Fashion District
10:58 Trade Shows
15:08 Shipping

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