So you thought that everything was going to be great when you upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 and that all of your web-browsing woes would have been finally laid to rest?

Despite having downloaded to the latest stable release of Internet Explorer 7, problems are bound to occur, such as:

* The web browser temporarily hangs / freezes up / locks up while loading certain webpages, such as those that use the contain Adobe Acrobat Reader plugin or any pages that contain client-side Java applets.
* Web pages take an unacceptably longer time to load than is normally expected, even if you have rebooted your machine or you are on a high-speed Internet connection.
* The web browser stops responding completely, and refuses even to terminate even if you attempt to kill its process through Windows Explorer.
* The web browser spontaneously crashes and stops running.

Determining what causes Internet Explorer 7 problems is just as much a mystery now as it has always been with previous versions of this web browser.

Believe it or not, the vast majority of Internet Explorer 7 problems have nothing to do with the speed of your Internet connection, or your computer’s memory or CPU.

On the contrary, most typically, the cause of this type of problem is usually one of the following:

* You have inadvertently downloaded rogue spyware onto your PC from some rogue pop-up banner from some website that you recently visited.
* You may have inadvertently unleashed a virus onto your system through some file you have downloaded or some e-mail attachment you opened up.
* Your computer’s hard drive may be severely defragmented.
* Your Windows registry may be corrupted or in dire need of reoptimization.


You can breathe new life into your Internet Explorer browser by running a free diagnostic with these Windows optimization tools.

Hugh Kent is a senior information technology consultant with over 12 years of expertise in the industry. He has solid experience providing consulting services to numerous clients in a diverse field of industries.

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