In our times of economic hardship, working from home is a quickly rising trend. Every 11 seconds, statistics show, that a home based business is established and if you are looking at a work at home internet business, the opportunities are incredible.

But, how do you effectively build a work at home internet business? Remembering, there needs to be a clear boundary between work and personal life. Here are some tips to make it work without sacrificing your personal life:

Schedule your tasks. Time is often the worst enemy of the busy person. When you decide to work at home, your own internet business will likely occupy many hours of your work day. Schedule your tasks and stick to the plan religiously. Determine your most productive time both for working and for quality moments with your family. Time is gold. But, give yourself a rest and realize that there are things that can wait.

Get some technical background. The computer is your most important tool. When it crashes, your work will have to stop. While in a company you can simply turn to the IT person in charge, the continuity and success of your own internet business, lies in your hands. So, learn how to fix simple IT issues so you can carry on with minor technical problems.

Facebook and Twitter are invaluable tools for internet marketers. But, do not mix them with your own social interaction with friends and family. Set up separate accounts for your work. It is easy to get burnt out when you are trying to run a work at home internet business. but your personal social life should at least provide a diversion.

Have realistic goals. Many times, people who work at home, tend to set very high goals, as a measure to compensate for the convenience of being able to run a work at home internet business. Home based work is subject to the same challenges of every normal business. So, your expectations must always conform to reality, set realistic small goals, that are achievable in the short term, then have an overall goal list, for the long term.

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