Internet cafes are increasingly a trend of the past. These days even travellers, the major internet café client, often move around with a compact computer in tow. Now, anyone with a laptop, in any location, can be connected to the Internet.

The reason? Mobile broadband.

How does it work? By using a small portable USB modem (also known as a ‘dongle’ or broadband stick) plugged into a laptop, you can be on the internet within seconds.

Where does it work? Once your modem or dongle is plugged in and there’s sufficient coverage you can be connected anywhere from a boardroom to the beach. If you’re someone who travels a lot or loves the flexibility of operating online without being chained to a desk, mobile broadband could be your new best friend.

What is the connection quality? Often the speed and coverage you get with mobile broadband is on par, if not better, than fixed broadband. The advancement of mobile phones and other mobile technology have also helped increase the quality of broadband over the past few years.

Is it affordable? Improvements in bandwidth technology mean internet connectivity has become more affordable and reliable. Actions that once seemed advanced – videoconferencing, chat, gaming, multimedia programs and social networking – are now part of the everyday.

How much data do I need? Every plan has different data options. They often range between 1GB and 24GB of data. Obviously, the time you spend online and the more complex operations you engage in (downloading and uploading eat up data) will dictate what plan you choose.

When you’re next sitting on the train wishing you could get a head start on those emails, or even keep up correspondence with a friend, maybe you could consider investing in mobile broadband.

It’s made easy these days with prepaid mobile broadband plans, one of the advantages being that you never spend over your allotted allowance.

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