Internet Advertising is a growing method of advertising in the society nowadays due to the advance of the technology. Internet Advertising has been slowly replacing the traditional way of advertising which includes the traditional media of newspaper, magazine, television, and radio. Although Internet Advertising has been proven to be much more effective than the other traditional media due to the mass audience connected to the Internet, certain research need to be done in order to ensure the effectiveness of the Internet Advertising and in the same time, avoid the wasting of advertising budget on unnecessary placements of the advertisements.  

Internet Advertising research is an important element that needs to be conducted by certain parties such as the media planner and also the company itself. The researching scope is actually wider compared to the traditional media because when you are dealing with the Internet, you are indirectly dealing with an international market. Unlike the traditional media, which only focuses on the local market, and thus, it makes the research on the Internet Advertising much harder to be conducted.  

The main research scope that needs to be covered in carrying out the Internet Advertising would be the research on the target audience and also the media selection. For the target audience, it is important for the company or the media planners to research on the target audience’s psychological behavior as well as their demographic status. Researchers need to be certain on the time and frequency of the target audiences in connecting to the Internet so that they can know exactly when to put up the advertisement. There is no use putting up the advertisement when there is no audience online. It would be a waste of advertising budget as well.  

Besides, the company may also need to know the preferences of the target audiences. Research need to be done in determining the type of advertisements the majority target audiences prefer. For instance, some individuals would prefer a motion advertisement involving movement and animation; whereas some would prefer a static advertisement which only display the information as a banner or a pop-up advertisement. Apart from the content it is also important to research on the type of advertisements the target audience prefer. There are so many types of Internet Advertising such as the banner ad, pop-up ad, and so on. Thus, in order to avoid unnecessary annoyance to the target audience, this research is essential to be conducted by the company of the media planner. 

Besides of the target audience, media planners and the company would also need to conduct research on the different types of media. For this, the elements that need to be researched would be the rate of the different media, inclusive of the package or promotion price, and also the effectiveness of the different media. Certain websites only allow certain types of advertisements. For instance, Facebook only allows the advertisers to place their advertisements on the side of the website. They will not allow them to place on top.

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