Is your home starting to look like a garage sale waiting to happen? Do you get eye strains from too many styles dominating your living room all at the same time? The most probable diagnosis is that you are likely to be suffering from a lack of a primary theme in your home décor. Sounds complicated? Not really. All you have to do is to trim down the inspirations you have into a couple of designs that complement your space the most. Otherwise, your guests might think you have multiple personality disorder if there’s just too much going on in your home décor!

Don’t donate those innumerable home accessories yet. Sorting through them might help you spot the ideal interior decorating style for your space! In fact it would be easier if you divide these ornaments into clusters depending on their similar characteristics. Scrutinize these items closely and see if there’s a sense of relatedness between each of them. They may come in the same warm hues or they may emphasize the same patterns. The moment you discover some similarities, then you can trim down your choices to two or three inspiring themes. Decide on which ones are most appealing to you. The rest of the pieces that just don’t belong to your chosen themes can stay inside the closet for a while.

After narrowing your choice of themes, start looking up pictures of houses or rooms that exemplify your selected designs. Decision-making doesn’t end here though. The next step is for you to carefully outline all the aspects of these themes that you’d like to incorporate into your own home. You don’t have to follow the sample setting in the pictures down to the last lacy table top. Only include elements that you really like. You can also make notes as to what items or key pieces you’d like to place in your home. Also read through any decorating tips you can find. Keep these tips in mind the minute you start your home makeover.

Once this is done, focus on the features you totally admire. Skim through all the information you have on hand along with the sample pictures. Applying all these styles and fixtures can be quite difficult so it’s crucial that you pick out only several key ideas. Combine themes that you think could blend well together. This way you’ll be showcasing the best features from among two or three designing styles.

When you’re through putting together the furnishings with the appropriate drapes against your newly painted walls, its time to kick things up a notch! You don’t want to be a stranger to your own room, right? This is your chance to grab the spotlight. Add items that reflect your personality. Framed pictures of you and your significant others, cherished trinkets and symbolic articles – these let your guests know that this space is truly YOU!

After all the hard work, its now time to grab your dutiful camera and take a few shots of the room the moment it’s done. By this, you can analyze the whole makeover project closely. Who knows? You might have missed a corner or over-accessorized another. Make a few alterations if it’s necessary. Just to be really certain that you pulled off this decorating scheme, take another picture! Be sure it looks something like those sample photos you’ve gathered during the start of the project. At the same time, check if the overall style is something you are comfortable in. It won’t matter if it looks like a room fit for royalty if you feel like you don’t belong in it. Never compromise your own comfort! At the end of the day, nobody else will have the displeasure of coming home to a “stranger territory”.

When all the makeover drama is done, the only thing left to do is to lie around and bask in the comfort of your very own private haven. Remembering that you put it all together is an added compliment too! Take a bow!

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