There are many Internet Business opportunities in the web. You can make literally millions and even billions of dollars if you understand the basics of how these opportunities work. Take the Example of Larry Page, The founder of Larry is 37 only and he is a billionaire today. Larry first time became a billionaire when he was only 31.

Another Example is of Mark Zuckerberg, The founder of the Mark is the youngest self-made billionaire on this earth according to Forbes magazine. Well, This article is not about how to make few bugs from home with the help of Google AdSense or sell some product on e-Bay.

Of course, making money with Google AdSense and selling a product on e-Bay are the Internet Business Opportunities. But this article is about some innovative & exciting Internet Business Opportunities. Here are few.

01) Facebook Applications –

Facebook Applications are the entirely new group of Internet Business Opportunities. Do you know that right now so many Facebook applications are making literally $ 10-15 million per year for their owners? Not only this bit few Facebook Applications are worth of around $ 80-100 millions. Facebook Applications can be your Internet Business. You can also sell these Facebook Applications in future if it becomes popular.

02) Playing Online Games –

This is the era of Virtual Games with real Economy. There are so many 3D games on the web by playing which you can earn money. Second Life is one such Online Game which is based on real economy. There are many other games also. In these 3D Games you have to develop your own Virtual Assets & Businesses. After that you can sell these Virtual Assets for real money in future on Ebay if you want to quit the game. Many people around this world are making 6 figure income in dollars by playing these online games.

03) Developing a Popular Blog & Sell it –

This is my favourite Internet Business Opportunity. Developing a Popular Blog & selling it is not only exciting & adventurous but it is extremely profitable. Right now buying & selling blogs in the blogsphere is a very new concept but still many bloggers have made huge fortunes by selling their popular blogs. The Best Example is of the blog Bankaholic blog sold to the for whooping US $ 15 Million by its founder. The Bankaholic blog is just 3 years old.

04) Sell Virtual Goods –

You can also make real money by selling virtual goods. The Best place to sell Virtual Goods is Facebook. You can develop your own Facebook Application & send virtual goods for real money. Don’t think that who will buy virtual goods for real money? There are literally millions of people there in the world who are spending as high as US $ 20 per Virtual rose for their partners as a valentine gift.

So the above are few Internet Business Opportunities. The Best part about these opportunities is that these are exciting & adventurous…

Asav Patel,
‘My Journey To Billionaire Club’ – Blog Owner