Previous wealthy family may have tried dealing with domestic helpers 家務助理 inappropriate consequences. In their home, domestic workers, although responsible for cooking, washing clothes, but their room, they clean and corporate management responsible for their own confused. Get up every morning, tidy up your own beds, not to leave the workers do the job. After the play, also need to replace the original store where toys can not Tandao one place are very stressed the need for “finish up” habit. Family members of the Indian domestic workers are very polite, as people do things, have to say thank you, will not kick into gear and drink. However, India commission they have strict requirements, not casually abandon. Inadequate domestic workers, and they will point out for correction. Thus, domestic helpers will gradually understand their proper locations, and spare yourself the right thing. Domestic workers is very clear who is the real head of the family. Fewer home owners can not arbitrarily make gas. If the head of the family against the will, less can be the main requirements of non-compliance. Domestic helpers have to bear part of the tutor’s responsibility.

Renewal in May, just before the Philippine domestic helpers, suddenly resigned to me, because she found a job in Canada, India commission 印傭 work. She had to find a better job than this, we should be happy for her, will hold farewell party for her, because she served us two years. Because of her out only in accordance with labor laws and give us one month’s notice! One month’s notice, for me, to find a suitable Indian commission is simply an impossible thing. So this time I really fire! Frankly, many Hong Kong families, there are many like us, the couple must go out to work, to please Maid take care of young children and the elderly, looking for new helpers, can not be found overnight! Maid contract if the Immigration Department can be of mutual consent in the case of the notice period is extended to at least two months on the best!

For the first time, please Maid, today finally to friends. Are Jiaocheng three months to worry about child going to school construction, none of the maids, good color is finally going to school in sub-construction Maid ago to. Before the child has been established to take care of by the mother, mother older friends and children back to school to be built, so to please the maid, then the child going to school and the school building, listen to a lot of people say before, your domestic helper. Home help my sister have to worry about mixing Wudian sub-Core, excited and nervous Maid sister pair construction or bad.

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