Finding a good Specialty Marketing Corporation prospect or customer is easy to do now because of the World Wide Web. Increasing your social network will in turn also increase your prospects for potential customers. A multiplier effect is easy to have especially with today’s social networks gaining credibility as a professional medium. Here’s how you can use social networks for your SMC Corp. business:


You can either open a new Facebook Fan Page for your SMC business or you can use your personal one to update customers and potential customers of your SMC activities. The primary thing is to always act professional when using the newsfeed. It should be used as responsibly as possible. Customers trust people and companies who seem to have something going on in their company, so to gain this image, always update your newsfeed. Do not make it sound like an ad for SMC. Instead, give out links, images

or notes that are truly helpful to the customer such as topics like ‘5 Gift Ideas for Graduation from SMC’ or ‘5 Kitchenware you shouldn’t do without. And ever so subtly, put a link or a referral going to your website or a mention of SMC Corp.’s wide variety of products available.


This microblogging site has a new geolocation feature which allows you to look at profiles of potential customers in the same area. It’s also a great way to check out the interests of your potential customers so that you know which items to tempt him with, come actual meeting time. You do not want to close a sale through Twitter or any social network at that. It would be better if you can just set an appointment with him through these social network assistants. Like Facebook, do not make your Tweets sound too promotional. Potential SMC customers get turned on by these.

Blogspot and WordPress

Technically, these two are not social networking sites although by blogging about your products or by writing articles which are helpful to customers and which are related to SMC products, you will have the chance of gaining a steady following and at the same time, gain more credibility as a local or national seller. Be generous with your ideas. Write posts which are truly helpful to clients. Inserting SMC in your blogs should sound secondary to potential customers.

The great thing about blogging is that you not only gain steady followers, you can also add back links to other websites which show SMC products. This is very helpful if you have an existing website as it increases traffic from the blog to the formal site.

Knowing how to use these three carefully will be the key to gaining great prospects. Do not just add people based on quantity. Add people whom by your own criteria are most likely to buy from you. Just be careful too as social networks tend to be a double edged sword. If you aren’t careful with Tweets or posts, you might very well lose your credibility as an SMC seller rather than gain customer respect.


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