By increasing your financial literacy you can attain better control of what happens to your retirement account. The average U.S. couple will fall approximately $ 250K short of what they will need to live on after they retire.  How is that for a slap upside the head?  The largest retirement class ever (Baby Boomers) is currently facing this issue.  We were told over a year ago by those that study financial trends/crises that the recovery would be slow, and the economy would be fragile for some time.  Investors drunk in the euphoria created by the “Stimulus Package” are now in dire need of hangover meds as the stimulus nears its end & we are left to wonder if the $ 2 Trillion mattered. 
Many of us are left to wonder how to make our nest egg grow and how we can declare our financial independence from the gut wrenching ups and downs of the stock market. Financial experts and gurus continue to “waffle” and cannot agree on where it is safe to invest.  All of this leaves conservative investors in a quandary: do I continue to park my money as I have the past 3 years in money market funds or CDs that pay almost nothing while waiting for better paying U.S. Treasury bonds or CDs to arrive? Do I take a chance on riskier funds that pay more but are subject to the tinkering of the Federal Reserve?

Based upon current economic trends it may be wise to consider investing in canned goods and ammunition.  Truly there is no easy answer, and a one size fit all plan certainly does not exist.  In my opinion, the “Baby Boomer” nation has relied far too long on others to dictate and control how & where our funds are deployed.  While I am a proponent of following in the footsteps of our nation’s elite earners and using Real Estate as my wealth building vehicle of choice; I also believe that diversification is imperative.  At the forefront of investment planning is knowledge, a.k.a. increasing your financial literacy.
This is a time of transformation and the time to take responsibility of your financial independence; making financial literacy a life-long priority.  The I Pad generation has allowed even technically challenged souls, such as I, to accomplish sophisticated tasks with the touch of a finger.  Financial strategists nationally and abroad agree that the current environment is too risky to justify prudent investors hanging around hoping to get lucky and agree that a 4% return is respectable.

Whether it is or isn’t relative to each of us; but shouldn’t you be the one to determine that?  Investing isn’t about more choice, it is about greater insight.  This is a time of simplification and our financial future is now about managing risk all in one place.  You will not fail due to lack of information available to you.  Hmmmm, I Pad finance, kind of catchy.  Happy Investing!

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