Though the question, “what’s in a name?” composed by Shakespeare is often used referred to and used contextually by all and sundry, yet this question seems to lose out some of its significance when it comes to the market scenario. That is to imply that the options devised by the market experts; for the benefit of the individuals as well as the business of the respective arena mean very much the title that it bears. The title of the scheme in fact provides an overview of the offer that the scheme provides. This holds true for all market designed financed vehicles. The income annuity for instance clearly evinces the fact that it is an income generating annuity scheme. In fact this scheme also has its bifurcations to further cater to the needs of the individuals. Immediate annuities form one such sub-division.

The retirement phase in one’s life more often than not brings along with it a bag full of insecurities and worries. However the creases created on the forehead can be easily avoided if the individual in concern plans the retirement while there is still time. The main cause of worry that plagues the retirement days of the aged individuals is that of inadequate reserve of finance. The inadequacy is caused due to the rising expenses and price hike of commodities that can hardly be balanced by the insufficient and meager pension that they receive. The income annuity scheme steps in to rescue these hapless retirees from the financial quandaries. In fact the benefits of the income annuity scheme can only be enjoyed if the informed decision is taken and the proper planning is done at the correct time.

The immediate annuities are the form of annuity that enables the individual in concern to obtain the income on the money invested immediately after the investment is done. Hence the name of the scheme is immediate annuities. In fact in this form of annuity the respective annuitant purchases the concerned annuity scheme with a lump sum at the very beginning of the process. The individual who is in immediate requirement of regular income this scheme turns out to be just the thing that he or she had been looking for.

The income annuity has other variations in the form of fixed annuity, variable annuity and deferred annuity, apart from the one already mentioned. In fact the principal point of distinction between the immediate annuities and deferred annuities is that of the gestation period that is there in the latter variation. Every scheme holder enjoys its respective benefits apart from the ones that are common to all.

The income annuity hence turns out to be beneficial only and if only the planning done and decision made is done on the basis of prior knowledge and right counsel. The individual may otherwise be even confounded into buying a scheme that is not best suited to his requirements. Moreover be it the immediate annuities or any other variation of the annuity scheme one must also check the credibility and market repute of the insurance company, if he wants to ensure that the investment has been made in the right place and with the right people.

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